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FASTag Now In India: Starting From December 1, Mandatory.

MUMBAI: Starting from December 1, 2019 vehicle owner who will not have their vehicles fitted with the FASTag mode of payment will have to pay double the regular fees at the toll gates if they use the FASTag lanes at toll plazas along the national highways.

The Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways has made electronic toll collection (ETC) mandatory for all vehicles. However, one lane (extreme left) at every toll plaza will continue to accept cash.

What is FASTag in India?

National Electronic Toll Collection (FASTag) program is the flagship initiative of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, and National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has been implemented on pan India basis to ensure non-stop movement of vehicles at the toll plaza, cashless collection of fees as per the notified rates and reduction in traffic congestion.

FASTag stickers are pasted on the windshield of four-wheelers and heavy vehicles and it allows them to zip past toll plazas when sensors at booths identify them, and this in turn opens up the boom gates for the vehicles to pass through.

FASTag can be purchased from 28,500 Point-Of-Sale locations set up at various banks, IHMCL/NHAI which includes all National Highways fee plazas, RTOs, Common Service Centers, transport hubs, bank branches, selected petrol pumps, etc. was noted from an official release from NHAI on Monday .

In the case of retail segment (car, van or jeep), the FAS Tag may be purchased online on Amazon and the websites of member banks like SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank, PayTM, HDFC and IDFC First Bank. (For detail list of member banks, please visit www.ihmcl.com). FASTag has also been made available at over 12,000 banks branches of prominent private sector banks like ICICI bank, Axis bank, HDFC bank, etc. the release added.

To search for the nearest point of sale location, one can download my FAS Tag App or visit www.ihmcl.com or call 1033.

For recharge, NHAI/IHMCL has developed a UPI recharge facility via MY FASTag app. FASTag can also be recharged by visiting bank’s portals.

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