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Terror felt in Delhi after 3.5 magnitude earthquake hits

On Sunday evening a massive earthquake create fear among the national capital region. Tremors was felt all across Delhi- NCR.

Reports says that on Sunday evening at 5:45Pm an earthquake of a magnitude of 3.5 Richter scale hit Delhi . People get panic and   rush out of their residences.

The epicentre has reported to be the north-northeastern region of Delhi. Its epicentre was in NCT Delhi at the depth of 8 km. The epicentre was located at Latitude 28.7 N and Longitude 77.2 E.

The DG of National Disaster Response Force Satyanarayan Pradhan wrote ” The Magnitude of Earthquake was 3.5 just happened in Delhi NCR which occurred on 12-04-2020, 17:45:03 IST Sunday, with the Latitude of 28.7 N and Longitude of 77.2 E and the depth of 8 Km at NCT Delhi region”. There was no report of any damage.

After this incident Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted “Tremors felt in Delhi. Hope everyone is safe. I pray for the safety of each one of you”.

One resident of East Delhi S Damle said that ” He felt his chair was shaking and there was a loud rumbling sound. He get scared and ran outside the house”.

Another resident of Lajpat Nagar said that “We were watching TV and suddenly felt the earthquake. We ran out of house. Some of our neighbour also ran out but we also take proper care to maitaine social distance”.



Currently The national capital of India reported third-highest number of coronavirus cases in the country. As now 903 people have tested positive of coronavirus, 13 people have died from the infection while 25 people are recovered.



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