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China turns covid-free while the condition of the other countries has become even more critical

China is virus-free now. People can now freely roam without putting on masks and can move freely in public without maintaining social distance. The country successfully defeated the virus and celebrate the strawberry music festival in Wuhan on this occasion. In 2019, the coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan and it was the first city where lockdown was implemented.

And now we see thousands of people grooving to the beats and enjoying the melody at the great music festival. They have come a long way performing activities through the digital platform and getting back to the normal livelihood again after months. However, many people did wear a mask while a few didn’t. It is not just a music festival for the country, it is the celebration of success. People screamed and enjoyed the event joyfully.

The country followed strict covid guidelines and battled the disease collectively. At the end of April 2021, the National Health Commission of China declared that China is covid-free after battling the disease for over sixteen months. They proudly said that there is no single active case in China right now and maximum covid victims are recovered hopefully.

This is such a proud moment for the country. Everything will be back to normal in the country and the high schools are expected to reopen from May 6. While the things are not same with the other countries. Everything has come to the beginning, cases are increasing rapidly day by day. The condition has become critical, people are losing their loved ones. When will the other countries get rid of the virus??

It is still a mystery! Is it because we are not following the covid guidelines strictly or is it due to reckless people?? Grow up people! It’s high time and it is not at all safe for you to step out of your house unless it is an emergency. Don’t let your foolish acts put innocent people’s lives at risk. Please wear a double mask while moving out and sanitize occasionally.

Do you think China will come forward to help the other countries?? Or will it enjoy its freedom and watch the other countries suffer?? Drop your views in the comments section below! Lockdown begins again in most countries and the battle still continues……..

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