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Chhattisgarh: Every third person tests Positive for Covid-19, positivity rate reached 31 percent in 45 days

The second wave of Covid has taken almost the entire Chhattisgarh into its fold in a very short time. The number of Covid infections is increasing day by day. In the fortnight itself, the number of active patients has increased by more than 93 thousand. At the same time, the rate of positivity (infected patients compared to the test) has directly exceeded 31 percent. That is, every third person who conducts the investigation is getting infected. On 28 February, the figure was slightly more than one, while on 31 March it was about 12 percent. The national average positivity rate is around 10 percent.

In 21 districts, the lockdown still did not stop the infection

To break the chain of virus infection, 21 out of 28 districts of the state have been locked. Despite this, the number of infected is not decreasing. According to the report of the health department, more than 10,000 people are getting infected every day for about a week. On April 13, a maximum of 15,121 new infections were found in one day.

The state with the second most active patients

In case of active Covid patients, Chhattisgarh is second only to Maharashtra. On April 14, there were a total of 6,13,635 active patients in Maharashtra. In Chhattisgarh, this figure was 1,18,636. Chhattisgarh is now fourth in terms of new cases received every day. The state was second only to Maharashtra three days ago in this matter. On April 14, Maharashtra had the highest number of 58,952 new cases. 20,439 in Uttar Pradesh, ,in Delhi and 14,250 new patients were detected in Chhattisgarh.

More than 1,37,000 patients increased in 14 days

Covid infection has spread more rapidly in the state for about a fortnight. In 14 days, there has been an increase of 1,37,057 in the number of average positive patients of more than 9,500 in the state. During this period, 1,137 people have died. In Raipur 461 have died due to Covid. 

Positivity rate

  • 08 April – 24.37
  • 09 April – 21.85
  • 10 April – 24.50
  • 11 April – 26.18
  • 12 April – 29.81
  • 13 April – 28.10

Details                                                            28 February                  31 March                             14 April

  • Positive case received in one day          141                             4,563                                    14,250
  • Total positive cases so far                   3,12,560                       3,49,187                              4,86,244
  • Sample collected in one day                10,252                           38,420                                46,528
  • Active patient                                           2,774                            25,529                              1,18,636
  • Total Death                                              3,835                            4,170                                    5,307
  • Positivity Rate                                         1.37                               11.87                                   30.62 


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