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CBSE adds AI and YOGA subjects in school Curriculum

Central Board Of Secondary Education is now focusing on the overall development of students. They have added AI and YOGA subjects in school Curriculum. With an aim to boost the student potential, mental ability, physical strength, CBSE now have added two subjects in their school Curriculum as AI(Artificial Intelligence)  and YOGA.

They are focusing on the overall development of their children. They believe in quality learning rather than quantitative learning. And in respect to that, they also have made YOGA subject a mandatory subject for all the students. The board is much more concerned about the health of their students. Yoga will provide them with the mental and physical strength so that the student may perform well in studies. Yoga will surely benefit the younger generation and will let them know the importance of health.

The decision was made mandatory in the recent meeting of the board of governing body, CBSE officials informed.

“CBSE is introducing artificial intelligence as an optional 6th subject at class 9th standard from the session 2019-2020. To enhance the qualitative approach in learning and to train the new generation, it was decided that school may start AI ‘Inspire module’ of 12 hours at class 8th itself” said CBSE officials.

He in his further talks informed that they also have added YOGA as a mandatory subject, and early childhood education as elective subjects at the secondary level.

This beneficiary decision was taken after considering all the positive aspects behind this decision. Various functioning bodies demanded to introduce yoga as a subject, so that it may benefit the student’s health.

In case a student fails in any of the primary subject, then it will be replaced by his 6th subject and class 10th marks will be calculated from best of 5.

However, if a student wants to reappear in the failed examination, he/She may appear in that exam.

Similarly, in the intermediate level, CBSE has ordered that from 42 subjects student must opt one elective subject so as to enhance its capability and learning standard.

The board thereafter will provide all the necessary help to the schools in reference to these elective subjects.


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