Bar association writes letter to Supreme Court requesting to build covid care center in new building

The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has urged Chief Justice NV Ramana to allow a temporary shift of lawyers in the Supreme Court’s new building to the Covid Care Center or Field Hospital, in view of the growing Covid cases. Apart from this, the SCBA has also requested the Chief Justice to declare summer leave in the Supreme Court from 26 April in view of the spread of infection.

The SCBA made this request in a letter sent to the Chief Justice on Sunday. In addition to the Chief Justice, the SCBA has also sent a copy of the letter to six senior judges. SCBA President Vikas Singh has said in the letter that the second wave of Corona has spread horribly throughout the country. In the last few days, many members of SCBA, including senior lawyers, have become the victims of this disease.

The Supreme Court Bar Association has said that due to a lack of medical resources in and around Delhi, the members and relatives of the association are unable to be admitted to hospitals. Given this situation, the association has some suggestions. The letter said that the Supreme Court is currently hearing online. In such a situation, the new building of the Supreme Court can be better used in increasing the health services of Delhi.

The SCBA has urged the Chief Justice to approve the temporary change of the Chamber block of lawyers built in the new building of the Supreme Court into a Covid Care Center or Field Hospital. On getting the approval, the association will request the Delhi government to take over the place and convert it into a Covid Care Center.

The association has talked to the Health Minister of Delhi about this. It is said that if approved, the facility can be used for SCBA members and their families and the families of the Supreme Court Registry and its staff. In the letter, due to the epidemic, the Delhi government has extended the lockdown for a week. Looking at the current situation, it seems that the epidemic will reach the peak in mid-May. In this case, the lockdown may increase further.

The association has requested that in view of these circumstances, the summer holidays of the court should be declared from Monday 26 April. Reduce the total summer vacations by one week to limit them to six weeks instead of seven, as the pandemics have led to a heap of litigation. The court should end the summer vacation on June 6 and normal functioning should start from June 7. Like previous years, the holiday bench used to hear the cases during the holidays. It is known that right now it is summer vacation from May 14 to June 30 in the Supreme Court. However, during this period, the vacation bench hears cases.

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