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Avni Chaturvedi created history – first woman pilot of Indian force

On Monday, Avni Chaturvedi became first Indian woman pilot of Indian Airforce. She created history after completing a solo flight in a MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft.

Avni Chaturvedi completed her first solo half an hour flight in Russian origin jet, i.e. Bison fighter aircraft in the skies over Jamnagar Air Base.  Wing Commander Anupam Banerjee, the IAF spokesman, alleged that ‘this is the chief milestone in training of a fighter pilot. This is the initial time an Indian woman has flown a fighter aircraft solo. It displays IAF’s enduring dedication to Nari Shakti.’

Avni is among the foremost three women officers group who were commissioned as fighter pilots in 2016 June in Indian Air Force. Two more women pilots along with Avni naming Bhawana Kanth as well as Mohana Sigh had gone through a tough training programme to fly the fighter jets.

Avni Chaturvedi flew MiG-21 Bison

It is relevant to mention that Avni Chaturvedi flew MiG-21 Bison which has the highest landing as well a stake off speed in the world, i.e. 340kmph. She completed her training at Air Force Academy in Hyderabad. Her father is an executive engineer in Water Resource Department of MP government. She is encouraged by her brother who is also serving his country in Army. She always sought after to overcome the skies and thus joined Flying Club also in her college.

Avni, Bhawna as well as Mohana graduated from AFA, i.e. Air Force Academy in Dundigul in 2016. They have gone through their basic training with Pilatus PC-7 aircraft prior to being sent to Hakimpet. Avni’s mother told media that ‘she always used to utter that she would become the next Kalpana Chawla one day.’ Avni Chaturvedi wants too kept the news as a secret until the last moment. The news regarding the Avni joining the IAF was disclosed after she received the sanction letter.

In 2018 further, Avni Chaturvedi will learn the intricacies after flying the fighter. After that, she will learn regarding the tactical flying and in what way aircraft can be used as a war-fighting machine. At first, she will learn in what way to fly during the day and after that how to fly along with fight at night.

Following Avni’s success, India at present joins the elite club of countries that permit fighting flying to women. Many other countries comprise United States, Britain, Pakistan as well as Israel.

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