Artificial Intelligence will help in Indian Railways

The country is moving towards artificial intelligence to help doctors and other medical staff at this time of the epidemic. SCR has developed a robotic device, “Rail Bot” aka R-Bot. R-Bot will help railways in hospital management functions towards patient care in this era of COVID-19.

This innovation is developed by Hem Singh Banoth, Additional Divisional Railway Manager, Hyderabad Division, SCR, and his team. Gajanan Mallaya, SCR General Manager praised the team for such a great innovation and termed it as good attainment to make medical care management stronger. R-Bot went under many trials and demonstrations before being launched for the services of railways.

The bot will be used to provide medicines, medical accessories, and to serve food to the patient without any need for physical contact. It will also enable doctors, nurses, and other support medical staff to stay far away from the risk of having the infection.

This bot is operated through a unique mobile application. This mobile app is to a part of this innovation. It is supported by the Wi-Fi facility. A sensor-based feature is developed so that the body temperature of patients could be read and displayed on the mobile screens. It has the capability of raising an alarming case of any abnormal high-temperature reading so that the medical team can be alert and attend the patient.

The robot has a 2-way communication system via both audio and video with recording, facilitating smooth interaction between patients and doctors. In the night, it uses Infrared technology with an emergency night lamp and it has night vision to enable communication even in complete darkness.

This was just 1 example. Similarly, a Jaipur based company – Club First has developed robots to help healthcare workers.  According to Managing Director of Bhuvanesh Mishra, Managing Director of Club First, the bot is capable of thermal screening and can identify the person not wearing the masks. 95% of the robot is made in India, he added further.

He added that it is the world’s first bot that is based on spine technology which helps robot balance anything it handles. This bot doesn’t follow any line or magnetic path, it navigates itself.

Likewise, Bengaluru hospital has developed and deployed “Mitra” to check and screen patients for COVID-19 symptoms. According to reports, the robots are programmed to interact with people by the help of facial and speech recognition. Further, if the patient’s temperature is normal with no COVID-19 symptoms after screening, the robot prints an entry pass that has the screening result with their name and picture on it.

Earlier, the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Cuttack developed a service robot to help the workers combat the virus.

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