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Amid India-China border tension is rising.

Amid rising tensions with China, India has asked its military to stockpile enough arms and ammunition for a 15-day major war. This will enable the Army to procure arms and ammunition from local or foreign sources. The Army has been sanctioned to spend up to Rs 50,000 crore for this.

Earlier, the army could stockpile weapons for 10 days, but now this period has been extended to 15 days. The decision has been made so that in case of war on two front lines from China and Pakistan the army will be prepared. ANI has given the news in this regard.

Weapons and ammunition are being collected to fight with the enemy for 15 days and nights. Stocks have now been increased from 10-I to 15-I. According to sources, the soldiers have been allowed to increase stocks a few days ago. A few years ago, the three armies were allowed to stockpile for 40 days, but since then the stockpiling has been limited to 10 days due to difficulties in stockpiling weapons and the changing scenario of the war.

After the Uri attack, it was realized that we had a severe shortage of war materials. Subsequently, the then-defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s ministry had increased the financial capacity of the Army, Navy and Air Force by Rs 100 crore to Rs 500 crore. The three armies were also allowed to purchase ammunition worth Rs 300 crore in case of war for immediate use.

The military has in recent times procured weapons, missiles, equipment and weapon systems to augment its capabilities. According to sources, a large number of missiles, guns and tanks have been procured to augment the strength of the troops deployed on the border. There is a state of tension between India and China in Ladakh. China has tried to infiltrate many parts of Ladakh.