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AIIMS Launches mobile Van to provide treatment to opioid patients

All India Institute Of Medical Science on Friday launched a new service to the patients. They launched a mobile methadone Vans to provide a cure to the patients of opioid addicts in the near places.

AIIMS, taking the beneath care of their patients launched this service in different nearby areas so as to help the patients get cured by this disease.

Opioid addiction is a major problem among people in India. Professor Dr Atul Ambekar stated that patients require medicines of this disease in the most significant time so that they may get rid of it. Methadone is a prescribed drug given in a syrup form to the patients as it helps in craving and withdrawal of opioid addiction. The drug usually comes in liquid form but is also available in tablets and powder variants. It is usually taken under the supervision of doctors. It has its harmful effects if taken without prescription of the respective doctor.

According to survey reports it is stated that about 28 lakh People are addicted to an opioid such as heroin, opium and other various harmful problems.

There are very few centres of this disease and medicine is also not easily available. It is estimated that to less than 2 per cent of the population are addicted to opioid in India is receiving the treatment.

The prescribed van will be available in different areas for the short interval of time, so that the patients may approach it and get treated by it. Methadone is a highly regulated medicine and it is provided only to the prescribed patients. It has just reached to about dozen cities in charge of a Methadone clinic.

Patients often find difficult to reach clinic to receive this medicine, so avoid such situation and to ease the situation such initiative is taken by AIIMS.

Currently, these vans are provided to limited areas like Spain, Canada, Netherlands, USA, Portugal. In fact, India is the first country in Asia, to receive this service.

In the trial run, more than two dozen patients get enrolled with it and the response received is positive. In a later time, this service will be stretched to nearly all the areas.


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