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2019 Lok Sabha elections: Saffron Wave Intact? BJP to retain Maharashtra, Haryana with huge margin, exit polls say

Mumbai: Maharashtra and Haryana, both BJP ruled states, yesterday voted in a single phase assembly election in first ballot post 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The run up to the elections was predictable, experts say, as there was hardly any or no substantial opposition presence to resound unemployment and agrarian crisis as a major to counter the incumbent governments.

ML Khattar government according to Headlines of Today ‘Polls of Polls’ (an aggregate of major exit polls) is expected to retain the majority gaining more than 66 of 90 seats, up from 47 seats in 2014 assembly elections.

Whereas Devendra Fadnavis government in Maharashtra, only second CM to complete full term in Maharashtra state, which was majorly before 2014 ruled by Congress and coalition governments, and is also set to retain power with slight chances to win the majority on their own. The combined BJP-Sena alliance or ‘Mahayuti’ is winning 211 of 288 seats, more than the 2014 tally.

A party needs 145 seats for a majority in the state.

The victory margin is credited to the Prime Minister Modi’s campaign surrounding nationalistic rhetoric and abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir backed by no-major corruption allegations in the 5-year term.

The opposition however failed to capitalize on the farmers distress in the rural pockets of Maharashtra and lack of jobs for youth in Haryana, with one ranking putting Haryana at 3rd place in states with the highest unemployment in the country.

The victory margin is going to be a boost for BJP despite the economic slump the country  faces.

The exit polls have not always proved reliable as issues like low voter turnout  could also reverse the trends.

The election results are to be announced on  24th October according to official Election Commission website.

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