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Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Since the online market has evolved a lot it becomes increasingly harder for new websites to grow and reach their targeted audience. The process has become very complex and unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that can work for everybody.

New site owners often believe that it’s all about money and without a huge advertising campaign you can’t really do much. This is true in some parts as established companies tend to gain a monopoly over search engine keywords auctions, however, there are still plenty of free ways you can get more traffic.


Firstly, set some realistic goals and don’t expect to reach the traffic numbers of a huge website like Casoola Casino. After you have decided what your plan of action is, you can read this article below to find some tips and tricks on how to increase traffic on your website.


This is not the most budget-friendly approach as an advertising campaign, especially when done on search engines or standard channels. Even if it does show great results, advertising is not always the first pick of new businesses or newly launched websites. You can however get the best of both worlds and try an advertising campaign on social media. It’s much cheaper and you can still get plenty of traffic while being able to interact with your potential clients.

 Optimize for Search Engines

Optimizing your website for search engines is a very complex subject because it involves a lot of things. First of all, you should make sure that your website is responsive and it offers the best user experience possible. There is nothing more annoying for a visitor than to scroll and pinch to make its way around and find what he is looking for.


Your site also needs to load fast for both SEO practices and user experience. Nobody wants to wait 20 seconds or more watching at a blank screen loading. If this happens your bounce rate will go through the roof. Try to make sure that the website is technically optimized as much as possible starting from the main structure and ending up with the third-party plugins.

Create Viral Content

Stuffing keywords into every article may bring some success when it comes to search engines but you should also take into consideration the user’s experience. Videos are very popular nowadays and you can tell visitors a lot about your business with a short video.


If you want to stick to the classic route and write attractive content, you should consider hiring a content writer or doing your homework if you plan on doing it yourself.


Generally speaking, any sort of viral content tends to be short and straightforward. The goal is to capture your audience’s attention fast and elicit strong emotional responses. When done right, it can lead to a major traffic spike.


Take into consideration any possible news or hidden information that can be of interest, uncommon or unheard tips and tricks that you can share or take a controversial stance on a delicate subject.  Closely related to the advice above, you should also use a catchy headline to attract visitors.


Use Email Marketing


Email marketing is nowadays seen as outdated which is very wrong. Email campaigns can bring you a lot of traffic, keep customers up to date with your latest promotions, products or services and can convert a lot of traffic into new clients.


Keep in mind however that if you bombard your followers with emails because it can backfire driving them away. Nobody wants to be spammed three times a day with emails.


For this to work, you also need to find a way to build a database of your customers. You can do that by offering special promotions or discounts for visitors that register on your website.

Use Social Media


Social media platforms are a powerful tool, especially when used properly. According to your website’s field of activity, you can focus on either Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to gain more visibility. This way you can get social media followers and website visitors which later on can turn into clients.


While you can post relevant content on social media platforms and get free traffic, you can take it one step forwards and use advertisements on these platforms. It’s not free but you get a lot of traffic for your money compared to other advertising ways.


Don’t forget to interact with your followers, reply to their comments and ask for their opinions. Besides showing that you really care about their experience, you can also find out more ideas on how to improve your website or services and how you can satisfy more clients. Word-of-mouth is a powerful tool and a happy customer will almost always attract others.


Final Words


Even if it is time-consuming, following the practices above can greatly improve your traffic  Surely, creating catchy email campaigns and spending time to answer to each of your visitors on social media may take a long time but you will soon see the improvements on both short and long term.


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