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Procedure How to delete Apps in iOS 13

If you want your iPhone to be free from unused apps and want to get rid of an app that has outlived its importance in your phone, you are just a few steps away to delete the unused apps.

Press onto the app for 2 seconds and it starts shaking back and then you would press X key which is at the corner of the phone, which confirms the deletion of apps. And once you are finished deleting with those apps, you would press the home button and will on the home screen. 

Above procedure is very common to many smartphones. But nowadays these steps are not followed by iOS. Deleting apps in IOS 13 isn’t entirely different, but you can press hold on an apps icon. But from now, you have to hold on an app to delete because of the new feature introduced in IOS 13.

Just follow these simple steps to delete apps in iOS 13:

  • Press on the icon which you want to delete. 
  • Keep your finger on the icon you want to delete. The icon will start shaking before and will take nearly 3 seconds. 
  • Click on X and confirm you want to delete. 

These are the simple steps to delete the undesired apps. 

There are some other ways to delete apps in iOS 13 as:

  • Launch the app store app. 
  • Click on the apple I’d profile on the app store. 
  • Scroll down the list of upcoming apps and search whether the app which you want to delete appears in the list or not. 
  • Swipe left on the highlighted app. A red delete button pops up. It will ask permission to remove the app from the iPhone. 


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