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How to Increase Followers on Instagram for Real?

Instagram is one of the most relished social media sites, that most of the people use it. Users try to be active between all. Instagram comprises of many amazing features embedded in it. Like chatting, sharing videos, memes, photos, tagging friends and family members in their liked photos.

Users have to send the request to add their loved ones in their accounts, and in return, they also have to send a request to add on. Once the request is accepted from both the sides, he/She can now view its profile, see images, posts. In Instagram, there is an option in the profile of Followers. More the followers, more is the person famous or more relished he is.

A person wants to have more and more followers added to their accounts. Uses feel satisfaction by seeing more followers into their accounts.

Some of the simple steps by which you can increase no.of followers list in your account:


1- Promote your profile hashtag by setting up it as a story or your status. Once the users see it then they can follow you more easily.


2- Write descriptive captions, storytelling will help you generate more follower into your account.


4- Use your bio link to drive traffic to your latest content.


5- Watch topically relevant, an and trending hashtag. Join conversations to indulge in between the influencing people.


6- Update your profile with the best of content and posts so that users may learn from it.


7- Update your profile with some useful Information. You can try some funny things getting updated to your account.


8- Interact with top influencers around you, and try to become popular among them by your thoughts and action.


9- Adjust your settings so that any potentially embarrassing tagged photos won’t show in your account.


10-  Develop your own taste of language, post catchy captions, update latest and vulnerable photos. Figure out how you want to stand among them and make it happen!


11- Use a call to action to tell people what you want them to do with your posts.


12- Find some clever ways to share more and more data of yours to others.


13- Create Instagram ads that help you get more traffic towards your profile.


14- Upload more catchy images and selfie that will help you increase followers.


15- Promote your content, hashtags to other social media handles, this will definitely help you increase your followers.


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