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How to Download YouTube Videos for free?

Downloading videos from YouTube means you can access various types of videos, without access to Internet connections, which is a perfect way to keep yourselves entertain by watching songs, videos, movies, stories etc.

Downloading video is also good if you have an unlimited data pack. You can easily download them to your smartphones and can enjoy later on watching it.

Youtube provides many  ways to download videos for free, so here are some easy steps to download videos:


1-GET 4K VIDEO DOWNLOADER: To download Youtube videos in PC, start by downloading this and install it in your PC. This software is completely free, and can download the whole playlist and will provide you with the best outcome out of it. It can download 3d videos as well.


2-CHOOSE THE QUALITY AND FORMAT:4K downloaded will allow you to adjust the quality and format of video that you download. Choose your preferred option by selecting from the menu on the left, then choose the format by selecting the appropriate menu on the right. We prefer Mp4 for the videos because it provides a good balance to the PC and its quality is also good.


3- TRY SMART MODE- If you want to download videos of Youtube, then try smart mode. This saves your download preference and uploads them automatically. Click the light bulb icon at the top right of the screen and when you copy paste a URL into 4K video downloader, it will download instantly without taking permission about it anymore.


4-DOWNLOAD VIDEOS WITH YOUTUBE PREMIUM – It will be a quite easy task to download videos if you have a premium account logged in your Youtube. It will provide you best videos and quality will be good. Premium accounts have the benefit that they receive videos in better quality then for the simple account holders.

You must be signed in to your Youtube to have a premium one.


5-COPY AND PASTE VIDEO URL- This is also one of the most simple ways to download videos, as you just have to copy URL of the video, and paste it in the address bar of Web browser and it will show you the origin of video and you will be able to download it.


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