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Voter Id status: Voter Id card is the means by which you can cast a vote to select the ideal leader that will rule for you in future. India is one of the largest democratic countries in the world. Every five year there are elections held to elect the leader of the country. Voters cast their vote to their favourite parties, to win in the elections. Age limit is also applicable in the elections. At the age of 18, a person is eligible for voting. He/She should have voter Id card to cast a vote.

The responsibility of every citizen is extremely important in the election process as they need to elect their leaders. In India, Lok Sabha elections are going to hold, starting from 11th April and will continue till 19th May. Results will be declared on 23rd May.

So if a person wants to cast their vote He/She should have a voter Id card.

Here are simple steps to check Voter Id status 

  1. Check the voter Id card application status online using official NSVP website
  2. See Voter Id application status via mobile or SMS.
  3. Check the voter Id status via call

How To check Voter Id status online:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on track application status.
  3. Fill the reference Id for the application. The reference I’d is printed on the acknowledgement received after successfully submitting the voter Id registration.
  4. Click on track status.
  5. Give your reference I’d, and if it’s correct your status will be displayed on the screen.

Status can be checked on a call

Call the official helpline number of your state election commission office from your phone. The toll-free number of the office is 1950.

Voter Id status can be checked through SMS

  1. The above should be sent to the electoral office following which they will check the status and will send it.
  2. Type your voter Id application number.
  3. Sms the above sent by the electoral office.

Given below is the list of contact number for selected cities to check the application status:

State SMS number Sms format
Uttar Pradesh 9212357123 UPEPIC<SPACE>voter Id number
Andhra Pradesh 9246280027 Vote<space>voter Id number
Karnataka 9243355223 KAEPIC<space>voter Id number
Chandigarh 9216164606 BTH<space>voter Id number
Kerala 54242/537252 ELE<space>voter Id number
Odisha 9238300131 CEOODI<space>voter Id number
Tamil Nadu 9211728082 EPIC<space>voter Id number
West Bengal 51969 WBEC<space>voter Id number
Bihar 5667 ELE<space>voter Id number

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