Why HIIT won’t work if you already do High intensive Weight lifting?

High Intensity Interval Training Workouts
High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

What is HIIT?

HIIT refers to High Intensity Interval Training. It is a form cardio where one runs as fast as possible for a short period(short burst) followed by a break of half minute or couple of minutes. It is best suitable to do it under 15-20 minutes, anything more than that and your body will march towards your muscles for more faster source of energy. Science behind this is your muscles nearly get tired to death and use all of it’s available Glycogen source, So to overcome this extra energy requirements your body straight away goes with your muscles for it’s intensive energy requirements. If you do not follow the recommendations you end up burning your precious hard gained in matter of minutes.

 Are HIIT workouts good or bad then?

No Don’t get me wrong HIIT workouts are challenging and u can gain muscles if you follow the recommendations. But it won’t do any good to you, if you are guy who lifts pretty heavy. HIIT is pretty much useless to you, forget about gaining muscles and lowering your body fat it will interfere with your Weight Lifting Workouts and instead counter react with your gains and recovery periods.

 Are you Starting any kind of ANTI-HIIT Campaign?

No i’m not starting any kind of ANTI- HIIT campaign, believe me HIIT is much better than traditional form of cardio where people walk hours and hours and yet don’t see any noticeable different in their weight, shape, etc.

 HIIT on rest days? or HIIT after Weight lifting?

This is the very last thing you can do to destroy your Size or Strength gains. Lifting heavier should be your primary focus not running as fast as possible in 10-20 minutes. Then What about HIIT after weight lifting? You already taxed your body for weights, after such a grueling weights workout it’s pretty much impossible for you to do HIIT comfortably. Your goal is training your body not punishing it. Pack up your gym bag and go home and have some food.


HIIT is seriously good for Burning Fat and Gaining Muscle. But it is Counter reactive for those who already follow a Hefty Weight Lifting Schedule. HIIT once a Week is ok with Heavy Lifting Schedule. If you want to do something on your rest days better do half hour of Steady Cardio than HIIT.

Remember one thing chase One Goal at a time, don’t chase Two at once or you will end up getting nothing.

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