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WEIGHT LOSS: Obesity is not something sporadic but it’s ubiquitous. Despite a threat to your health by making you vulnerable to Hypertension, diabetes and several dreadful heart diseases but also makes you innerved in society leading to depression and become a barrier to your success and happy life.

In this social era, everyone needs a buff physique not to just look good but for being confident. Weight loss is not something you can achieve just by wishing but you have to work for it. Perhaps, you have even tried many things from vigorous exercise to a restricted diet. But are you going right?

To lose weight, uprooting the cause of overweight is necessary i.e. either more surplus calorie ( more calorie intake than it is utilized by our body ) or the improper metabolism of the calorie that can be linked to many predisposing factors like genetic, sedentary lifestyle, stress, diet, health condition and few medications.

Focusing on the ways of losing weight, revolving around three strategies i.e. burning extra calories, controlling appetite by eating right and proper metabolism, there goes few tips which will help you to lose weight. Be open to changes and see the change in your body and your life.

· Take charge of your calories:

Calorie requirement increases with increasing age and growing body. Every individual needs varied calories to work out on the whole day varying from the age, sex, activities performed, job, body size, environment, health condition and the medication they use. Ideally, for a healthy body and body weight; we need calories enough to perform our work generally measured around 2500 for men and 2000 for women. Thence, to lose one pound per week, it is believed to maintain calorie deficit of 500 i.e. for men and women to consume 2000 and 1500 respectively. You can calculate the amount of calories required by calorie calculator

· Low carb diet is the right choice:

Cut on refined carbs in your diet. Mainly remove whites in your diet like white rice, white flour, white sugar, candies and add dark green veggies and orange fruits containing low carb such as broccoli, spinach, kale, berries, Brussel sprout, cucumber, lettuce and many more. Controlling more carb intake control extra calories preventing weight gain.

· intermittent fasting :

As a starter 16/8 rule help you to stick on your diet. Saying 16 hour fasting in night followed by eating on 8thhourly in day. Since during starvation, fats are used to fuel up our body leading to fat loss thereby losing weight. Moreover it will be hard for people to stick on it due to release of leptin hormone resisting the change. Be stronger than your excuses.

· Enrich with high protein foods: Protein is not only a filling nutrient but also burns about 80-100 calories per day and holds on you’re carve of overeating by reducing your appetite. Thus, adding protein rich diet is an easy and sustainable way of losing weight with minimal effort. So, bring home asparagus, spinach, lean meat, fish, dairy products, beans and legumes right now..!!!

· Time to switch your diet :

Have you been eating Granola, bacon, muffins, bagel, and smoothie? It’s time to switch to alternative something delicious and healthy with low caloric food. Go for oat meals, whole grain toast, Greek yoghurt, egg whites, English muffins and banana.

· Cheer up with green drinks :

Keep check on canned sugary juices and smoothies and cheer up with detox drinks made of fresh vegetables and fruits. Load your day starting with apple cider vinegar detox tea followed by banana pineapple drink, ginger and cucumber lemonade and cranberry juice.

· What in snack?

What If you have to choose between a pizza which needs 4 hours to burn whereas 15 minutes for salad. Definitely, you prefer to salad owing to lose weight. Along with salad; Truffle, pop corn, avocado, nuts, kale chips, Edamame (steamed soybean) are the best choice of snacks to carve your appetite.

· workout cardio :

Jogging, walking and swimming are the basic exercise essential for every individual to stay fit and energetic whole day. However cardio alone can’t help you lose weight but surely can boost it up with your diet. Let’s make our fat cry in form of sweat .Try one minute at repeat cardio without running which includes jogging, high knees, surfer squats, planks, jump ropes, skiers, power kicks and butt kicks every single position for one minute and then repeat for 20 minutes. You can even add crunches and lunges as a part of your workout.

· Sum up weight lifting:

Probably, you are not going to get the bum you want, by sitting on it. Lifting heavy weights helps you burn calories by regularizing metabolism. Hence, sum up your workout with cardio exercises and weight lifting. If possible join gym for perfect guidance for atleast 2-3 days a week.

· Sleep- relaxed workout:

Our body needs adequate sleep but oversleeping or poor sleeping may leads you to put on weight. Set alarm and watch out for a good sleep.

· Soluble fiber found in oats, barley, beans, lentils, flaxseeds, oranges , cucumbers, carrots and strawberry help you not only lose fat but also prevent many cardiac diseases. You can even get benefit from soluble fiber supplement like Psyllium husk, Fibercon and Benefiber.

· Plenty of water for weight loss: Drink 2 cups of water before eating food as it helps you feel full reducing high calorie intake and also aids in proper digestion.

· Eat slowly, and enjoy the food.

· Boost up your metabolism with plenty of water and beverages like green tea and black coffee.

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