Watching video on mobile screens can cause motion sickness

The new study points out that consumption of video through mobile screens can cause motion sickness. The number of people using smartphones and gadgets to watch video is growing and this may result in the digital motion sickness.

During travelling, normal motion sickness is observed due to the different rates motion and vision. It makes many travelers nauseous. Travelers experience headaches, blurred vision, strained eyes and giddiness as well. The same symptoms can be observed in the digital motion sickness. The digital media throws lot of moving images and video at the eye but brain doesn’t register the equal amount of physical motion.

This digital motion sickness will increase as the quality of video increases. It means that people who consume lot of HD or ultra HD content are more likely to be suffered. Experts say that you can avoid it by simply stopping the video once you get the hint of discomfort. Resume video consumption once you get back to normal. The scientists are finding out long term effects of this cyber sickness.

The sense of balance of a person gets affected by this. It means the patient is more vulnerable to accidents. Commuters, who watch video while travelling are among high risk groups. As of now, taking break from video consumption over phone and tablet is best way to prevent the condition.

With the introduction of virtual reality headsets, the motion sickness caused by video consumption on mobile screens is more likely to be increased.

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