The deadly Nipah virus is claiming victims in India

Among the 10 priority diseases, Nipah virus is one of them. According to WHO this is the major outbreak. Rajeev Sadanandan is the health secretary of Kerala. According to him, the nurse treating the patient with Nipah virus also died.

All the blood samples along with body fluid were sent to National Institute of Virology that is in Pune. Till date, it has been confirmed that three deaths were due to the Nipah virus. The treatment is limited to the supportive case and so they are concentrating on the precautions from spreading the disease.

Fruit bats are known to be the natural host of this Nipah virus. According to the health officials, three people died because of the suspected infection, by eating mangoes that were bitten by the bats.

About the Nipah Virus, its symptoms and the way to prevent them

Nipah virus is emerging recently. It is a disease which can be transmitted to humans from animals. Fruit bats are known to be the natural host of this Nipah virus. The virus got its first identification in the year 1999 during the outbreak of respiratory illness and encephalitis that took place among the pig farmers. It also took place among the people who were having close contact with pigs in Malaysia and Singapore.

In that outbreak, almost a total of 300 cases were reported among which 100 deaths were recorded. For stopping this more than a million pigs were euthanized. This caused a tremendous loss in trade for Malaysia.

Avoiding exposure to sick or ill pigs and bats in the endemic areas can prevent the Nipah virus. To prevent the Nipah virus you will also have to stop drinking the sap of the raw date palm. Symptoms include drowsiness, headache, respiratory illness, mental confusion. It can also lead to a coma for 24-48 hours.

Nipah virus is causing death and it may even continue

In the past fortnight, three victims were tested positive. The results from the left six will be available on Monday that is on 21st of May. In Kozhikode 25 peoples were hospitalized with same symptoms of the Nipah virus.

It is the virus which gets transmitted from animals to humans. Fruitbat is responsible for the Nipah virus. There is no vaccination available for the Nipah virus that is having a mortality rate of 70 percent. Scientists are working on it and looking for curing the disease caused by Nipah virus.

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