Task forces formed to tackle mosquito menace, Delhi govt tells HC


New Delhi, Jan 14 (IANS) The Delhi government on Friday apprised the Delhi High court that two task forces have been formed by the corporations — one at the headquarter level and another at the zonal level — to control the mosquito infestation and spread of seasonal vector-borne diseases in the national capital, in accordance with the court’s last order.

A bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Jasmeet Singh had rapped the civic bodies in the national capital during a couple of hearings, saying they are doing nothing to tackle dengue.

During the course of hearing on Friday, advocate Divya Prakash Pandey, representing the corporations, said that another joint meeting of all the corporations and other municipal bodies will be held on January 21 to assign the roles of all officers and employees in the mission to tackle the mosquito menace and dengue-like diseases.

The court ordered the municipal corporations and local bodies to examine and identify adequate steps for incorporating a ‘common protocol’ to be followed by all the authorities for dealing with the situation.

Last month, the court had asked the civic bodies to file an affidavit disclosing the steps taken on the ground in order to contain rising vector-borne diseases and dengue deaths.

In another hearing, the court stated that the authorities are not bothered about the deaths, and the officials are living with the attitude that since there is a large population, the disease will come and go.

The court observed that after the monsoon season, there will be mosquitoes and it has been a pattern for the last 15-20 years.

“Is there some rocket science involved? Is there no planning? Is there no thought process? How can it be that every year,” the court had asked.

In a similar plea, a petitioner had said that it is an obligatory duty of the Delhi government and municipal corporations to take measures to control the dengue outbreak and to conduct regular fogging of the area, door-to-door awareness campaigns etc.



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