Osteoporosis Treatment, Causes, Signs & Symptoms and Prevention

Osteoporosis Introduction: Healthy bones are like Bank, the more you deposit the more you can make withdrawals. It is really very important to take care of your bones. In human body there is a living tissue called Bone which is continuously broken down and replaced. If old bones are not getting replaced by the new ones then this may lead you to a disease named Osteoporosis. It affects both men and women but especially older women. It is good to eat healthy balanced diet which helps you to improve and maintain overall bone health. Calcium and Vit D are great source for healthy bones which slow down bone loss. After the age of 30, naturally your bone starts losing some of its amount every year.

What is osteoporosis?

It is a condition in which your bones becomes weak, brittle, stooped posture and can cause fracture. This means porous bones. It is a disease called degenerative bone which mainly affects post-menopausal women. In this there is loss of bone density which can lead to many serious effects. Women have high risk of osteoporosis than men.

Risk factors:

 Family history
 Deficient in Vit D
 Cigarette smoker
 Low physical activity
 Low calcium diet
 Excessive use of medications
 Older age etc.


 Stiffness
 Bone spurs
 Loss of flexibility
 Tenderness
 Joint pain
 Grating sensation
 Height loss
 Cramps
 Muscle ache
 Receding gums
 Decreased grip strength


Following are the foods one should avoid if you have osteoporosis:

 Alcohol
 Salty food
 Meat and other high protein food
 Spinach
 Beans
 Caffeine
 Tea/ Coffee
 Avoid low calorie diet

Following are the foods to build healthy bones in natural way:

 Eat lots of Vegetables
 Consume enough Proteins
 Get plenty of Vit D
 Eat high calcium food

Foods which are good sources of calcium are:

 Milk, cheese, dairy products
 Tofu
 Soya drinks
 Nuts
 Bread made with fortified flour
 Fish Soya beans
 Cauliflower
 Salmon
 Low fat milk
 Low fat yogurt
 Broccoli

Exercises for Osteoporosis

 Jumping rope
 Hiking
 Jogging
 Step aerobics
 Tennis
 Dancing
 Climbing stairs
 Brisk walking
 Minimize your stress level etc.

Medications for osteoporosis:

 Bisphosphonates

• Zoledronic acid
• Risedronic acid
• Alendronate

There can be some side effects of these medications like bone pain ,vomiting , nausea, blood clots , risk of breast cancer or uterine cancer, pain in back , arms and legs .

As found in study of women health that estrogen lowers the risk having fractures so there is a therapy known as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) under which a combination of estrogen and progestin or estrogen alone is given. But it increases chances of other health related problems such as breast cancer, stroke.

Note: Medical information provided in the article is intended only for information purpose and should not be considered as medical advice.

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