OBESITY: An Invitation to Numerous Diseases

Introduction: Obesity and Overweight are the terms that mean a person has weight much greater than what is considered a healthy weight according to his or her height. This condition is faced by a person when one eats more calories than. When there is an imbalance between calories in and calories out it leads to obesity. It increases risk for your health as it may invite Diabetes, some form of cancer, arthritis, heart diseases etc.

Rightly quoted “Few Die of Hunger, Many Die of Eating
– Benjamin Franklin

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a health condition in which a person carries a much higher amount of body fat that could lead to many serious health problems and sometimes even death. This has become a major worry for people around the world. It does not happen in one day but develops slowly with poor diet and lifestyle.


There have been various major factors for the obesity worldwide.Eating too much but having no physical activity and genetic structure are the most important causes which affect our body weight.

Following are some more risk factors leading to obesity:

Family History If anyone in the family is or was obese then children are likely to be obese.
Unhealthy lifestyle When having poor diet and having physical activities one is likely to become obese.
Poor diet  Unhealthy eating like fried , processed food
Some medication There are medicine also which can make you obese even if you not overeating.
Illness Due to illness there is not much physical movement so one tends to become obese.
Smoking As we all know that smoking is injurious to health and it also contribute to obesity.
Alcohol Consumption Alcohol in much higher amount when consumed leads to obesity
Junk Food  Junk food is made up of white flour or refined flour which is hard to digest fully and gets deposit around the waist area.

Symptoms :

There are many symptoms of obesity one may experience and some of them are as follows:
 Higher BMI (Body Mass Index)
 Broader waistline
 Difficulty in breathing
 Pain in back and joints
 Snoring
 Fatigue
 Overweight
 Excess sweating
 High blood pressure
 High level of cholesterol
 Cardiovascular disease
 Stroke etc

Diagnosis :

Obesity can be diagnosed & confirmed though various means such as:
 BMI( Body Mass Index)
 Weight to Height ratio
 Waist size
 Some tests of blood pressure , glucose and fat level
 Visit a doctor etc

Prevention :

One can prevent obesity by adopting a healthy lifestyle and through various means like:
 Exercise regularly
 Eating healthy diet
 WHO recommends to exercise at least 40 minutes daily i.e. walk ~8000 steps
 Jogging
 Swimming
 Brisk walking etc

Treatments for obesity are:

 Changes in lifestyle
 Healthy diet
 Medicines for weight loss
 Bariatric surgery also  known as weight loss surgery in which the length of stomach/ intestine is shortened.

Obesity is a condition which one has to control and thankfully it can be controlled by adopting some of the prevention methods and also through available treatment options, otherwise it may lead to type 2 diabetes, psychological problems, heart diseases, reduced sleep duration and many more harmful effects on the body. So to sum up imbibe habit of taking healthy meals on regular time, exercise daily and say goodbye to Obesity worries.

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