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If kidneys are in danger, body will give you these signs which should not be ignored

Kidneys are identified as one of the smallest organs in your body. They have one of the biggest jobs to filter out all of the toxins you meet every day. Kidneys are eliminating waste and undue fluids from the body, control the electrolyte levels, control blood pressure. They also produce red blood cells, keep the bones healthy and fit, and much more. If they are in danger and their function is obstructed, your entire health is at risk. So, it is of high significance to learning to distinguish the body signs that show kidney damage and failure:

  • Shortness of breath

Kidney harm may also lead to shortness of breath.  As the body lack oxygen, owing to the lowered number of RBC which transport oxygen all throughout the body. Their number is reduced due to the accrued toxins in the lungs.

  • Skin Rashes

When your body is overwhelmed with toxins, it searches a way to get rid of these poisons plus waste products. One way is through the pores of your skin. This can result in rashes, dry, irritated skin or even open sores. If your skin shows some rashes, then you should consider it as one of the signs of kidney damage. As skin creams and ointments c an assist ease the symptoms, but not help kidneys, so it is significant to address the original problem.

  • Metallic taste in the mouth

Owing to the waste deposits in the blood, a person may have bad breath or a changed taste in the mouth. In the case of harsh kidney damage, the person will sense a  change in the taste of foods in the mouth.

  • Poor concentration and dizziness

The lack of oxygen in the brain may show severe kidney failure, which can lead to poor concentration and focus. Sometimes it may result in light-headedness, dizziness, and memory issues.

  • Lower back pain

Lower back pain is frequently linked with kidney damage, failure or infections as these organs sit in your lower back area. This pain can be an effect of kidney stones or can be urinary tract infection.

  • Changes in your urine

This is one of the earliest signs if your kidneys are in trouble. If you find some trouble in urinating, or you feel some colour change in urine, foamy urine or some reduced amount of urine.

  • Fatigue

In fit people, the kidneys produce EPO (erythropoietin), which is a hormone that produces RBCs, which supply the essential oxygen for the body. If the number of RBC is reduced, the person experiences fatigue, brain, and muscles harm. This is a common sign of severe anaemia also.

Hence you have to eat healthy foods high in antioxidants. You can also consume supplements which support the function of kidneys and thus take care of overall health.



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