Keto vs Atkins Diet: which one to choose?

The question of Keto vs Atkins Diet is one of the difficult decision you have to make. Most important thing is you have to take care of your carbs more than counting calories on Keto or Atkins Diet. Moreover, you will have to see whether you are giving right input of calories percentage from protein and fats.

Keto vs Atkins Diet: the difference

  • The important difference between Atkins and Keto diet is that the how much amount of protein you should take. Atkins doesn’t contain any cap, but Limit for protein in keto is 20 percent daily from your calories.
  • All the research show that both diets lead to a loss in weight. But, as compared to the Atkins diet, Keto diet is much better. Atkins is not useful for long-term weight loss or maintain your weight as it is allowed to intake 100 grams of card per day. This amount will help your body to keep burning sugar for fuel. Whereas in keto diet allows only 30grms of net carb intake per day which will give you a permanent solution to weight loss.
  • Atkins is mainly low carb diet whereas keto diet is high-fat diet. The main focus of the Atkins diet is to remove cards while giving equal boosting to protein and fat. As compared to Atkins, Keto diet have higher fat accumulation.

Difference between Keto vs Atkins Diet

Keto diet Atkins diet
Moderate protein, high fat High protein, moderate  fat
Maintains restriction on carbohydrates to maintain a state of ketosis Ultimate incorporation of complex carbohydrates
Typically high in fiber Typically low in fiber
High hunger sating effects Moderate hunger sating effects

Keto vs Atkins Diet: Similarities

  • Both diets do not contain any sugar or honey. Both Atkins vs Keto diet does not affect blood sugar and don’t contain calories.
  • Both diets contain trust on clean eating.
  • Both focus on fresh, whole food.
  • Both focus on low carb intake.

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