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How to make DIY hand Sanitizer at home: The Pandemic essential

DIY hand Sanitizer : With coronavirus knocking at our doors, the foremost precautionary step that the medical professionals and doctors are focusing on is to keep your hands clean all the time.

The best way to do that is to frequently wash your hands using a soap thoroughly in front and back and under the fingernails as well for not less than 20 seconds. Using a hand sanitizer is no substitute for washing your hands using a bar of soap. Though for people who do not have a luxury of a washbasin at work, traveling or public places the best outcome is the hand sanitizer.

As we all know, the hand sanitizers are vanishing off from the shelves from all shops due to heavy demand, it has become very difficult to maintain your hygiene. So here is an easy way out, make a batch of some for yourself and your family members to have precautions.

Note: be careful and very accurate with the measurements of your ingredients. Make sure that an effective hand sanitizer must have 60% alcohol. You can opt for isopropanol, also known as rubbing alcohol that is easily available in all pharmaceutical shops or you can go for ethanol.

How to make DIY hand Sanitizer at home


  • 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel( it can be natural or store-bought as well)
  • 2/3 cup of 91% of isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol)
  • 15 drops of lemongrass, tea tree or eucalyptus oil.


Step 1: take the alcohol and pour it in a medium-sized bowl along with a spout.

Step 2: add the aloe vera gel to it (Note: if you are planning to use the natural one then you might have to rub the final product more on the hands for it to absorb as the natural gel is thicker)

Step 3: now add the essential oil to the bowl

Step 4: once you have put all the ingredients, whisk and beat it till you see a smooth gel-forming.

Step 5: now sanitize a bottle and pour the sanitizer and you are good to go.

Note: you can sanitize your bottle by using alcohol and spraying it all over and letting it settle down until it gets evaporated.

Now that you know how to make a DIY sanitizer, you can easily make it at home as it is very effective and super easy to make. You don’t have to panic anymore or spend a ton of money when you cant find sanitizers in the market. You can now be ready to take precautions from coronavirus pandemic through the help of this easy to make hand sanitizers at home and keep yourself clean!

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