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HCG Injection: The Right Spots to Stick it in

One of the main reasons why people pussyfoot when it comes to taking injections is the needle and skin relationship (the contact conflict). We all know that this can be awkwardly scary for a lot of people, and I must confess, I find it very scary too, but not anymore! Here is a disclaimer though! I am not a medical professional in any way, this is just an advice from dear old me. I had to get this cleared out., not really that simple. The major reason why someone would want to look for the right hcg spots is due to the fact that some people find it fascinating to stick themselves with the popular HCG diets.

  • The External and Upper part of your thigh region.

The first place I’d like to talk about is the outer thigh. If you need to understand where to inject on your thigh, place your hand on your knee, and the other on your waist, now picture pulling down your inner garment (like your pants and boxers), going down the center of your leg, any opening on the outside is perfect for an injection.

  • Buttocks

Another spot would be the buttocks. It’s not that simple, especially when you are going to be injecting yourself (that is if you have your own injection assistant). It will be hard to get to this spot on your own buttocks, not to worry, you can always go for the upper part of your buttocks, a place where your hands can get to.

  • Your Arm (the upper back)

It’s not just your arm, it has to be the back (upper part though) of your arm. It should just be like placing your hand over your elbow or one over your shoulder, just make sure it’s the part between your hands. The bicep, on the other hand, is a no! no!!, that spot is a bad idea. The reason why your bicep is not an ideal spot is that of the number of blood vessels that you have there, they are quite much, so, avoid it.

  • The belly area

Reading this article, I’m assuming that this is not the first time you are injecting yourself with HCG. One place to go for is the belly area, this is the place where lots of people inject themselves with the hCG shots, you just have to make sure that you don’t get close to the belly button area, inject it any area that’s filled with fat, look for the spot and slide it in. The whole essence of injecting yourself with hCG shot is to help you reduce fat. That’s why the whole idea is to look for places where you have fats on your body like your thighs, belly, and the upper part of your arms. As I said, if you aren’t sure you can do this on your own, you should seek help, the pain of injecting the wrong spot can be excruciating.

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