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Throughout the history since the Greek civilization, people have partaken in different exercises for achieving various goals such as fitness and health. Nowadays people encourage exercise for varied reasons especially to prevent certain chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. But, does it have any role in fighting the Covid19 virus?

A recent study has demonstrated that performing exercise for 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week is inclined to enhance the efficacy of the Covid19 vaccine to fight coronavirus by 37%.

According to the study conducted by the Landes bioscience encompassing group of people based on their level of activity has concluded that an active person retains 50% higher levels of antibodies than those who are inactive.


Scientist explains this manifestation to serve chiefly by these mechanisms.

As per the study, it indicates the increased level of antibody I.e. IgA antibody which coats coat the mucous membrane present in the respiratory tract along with IgM and IgG which neutralizes toxins, viruses, bacteria and activates the complement system.

Exercise activates the CD4+ T cells also called T helper cells which regulate the cell mediated immune response by alerting the immune system of an attack from foreign particles.

Apart from these, it reduces the risk factors for covid19 like diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Exercise tends to reduce stress and chronic infections which keeps the dire and fatal infection like pneumonia, the most common cause of death by Covid19 in check by providing stronger immunity.


This lockdown has woken up the laziest monster in all of us and it feels like the best of the both worlds for now but can causes havoc in long-term, increasing disease burden, socioeconomic cost and unsustainable health.

Nicole kareen, a lead nutritionist and personal trainer at The Way of Life Health and Nutrition while saying the role of exercise on boosting Covid19 vaccine asserts – “your immune system will see a boost with constant regular exercise. The concept essentially is to simply get your heart rate up higher than if you were sitting down, so that can simply be a brisk walk.”

Preferentially you can add on walking, cycling, swimming as a part of your activity routine. There is lot of circulation happening increasing cell number and the immune receptors and cells get alerted which in turn helps.

Let’s call it a day for your laziness, even if you are lying on the bed, but decide before the vaccination to work on it, you can reap some benefits too.

Cassie Vanderwaal , a clinical nutritional at UW Health emphasize the post-vaccination and says “if your are feeling well enough after vaccination without stressing your body too much engage in some light activity which involves stretching the body can helps enhancing your immunity.”


Apparently, the outline for the next few years could be that covid19 will remain as common as other infections diseases like flu which need constant management and protection. One of the promising ways for dealing with it is improving immunity by regular exercise and a healthy diet. Exercise acts as a booster of Covid19 vaccine and helps you fight the virus. Engaging in physical activity just for 30 min a day, 5 days a week can bring you a robust health. It’s time to go back to the drawer board and hit it.

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