Diet to improve you Haemoglobin levels or anemia

Anemia is a  condition in which there is a deficiency of red cells or haemoglobin in the blood, ensuing in pallor plus weariness. Haemoglobin is a protein there inside the red blood cells, and it assists in the transportation of oxygen to diverse parts of the body. Women are more prone to anaemia.

A healthy diet is a requirement for any anemic patients. It is essential for you to comprise foods that are rich in folic acid, Vitamin B12, as well as Vitamin C in your daily diet spaced out from most important ingredient iron. Below  are the top 8 superfoods that will improve your Haemoglobin


Spinach is a very well-liked leafy vegetable that assists in preventing anaemia. It is a wealthy source of Vitamins A,  calcium, B9, E plus C, fiber, iron, and beta-carotene. It will aid in improving the overall health of your body. So, make sure that you take spinach in your everyday diet to augment the blood in your body.


Beetroot is known to be very efficient in fighting anemia. It is a vegetable that is packed with iron content. It will assist in repairing and reactivating your red blood cells. Adding up beet-root in any form in your everyday diet will assist to fight anaemia simply.

Red Meat

Lamb, beef and other red meats contain rich iron content. It holds heme-iron which will be effortlessly absorbed by the body. The heart, kidneys, plus the liver of the red meats are parts that enclose high quantities of iron

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a wealthy source of iron. Try to comprise peanut butter in your daily diet. If you do not like the flavour of peanut butter, you can also consider of eating some roasted peanuts daily to fight anemia.


Vitamin C is the key ingredient in tomatoes all along with lycopene. The Vitamin C in tomatoes assists in the easy absorption of iron. Tomatoes are very rich in beta-carotene plus Vitamins E and so help in the natural conditioning of the hair and skin.


Eggs are a rich in proteins and hold a lot of antioxidants that will assist in storing up vitamins in the body when you are suffering from anemia. A large egg is supposed to hold 1 mg of iron and therefore consumption of an egg daily will help in fighting anemia.


One of the well-liked fruits that hold a rich source of iron and Vitamin C is pomegranates. It assists in improving the blood flow in your body.It is also very effectual in treating anemic symptoms similar to weakness, exhaustion, dizziness, plus loss of hearing.

Soy Beans

Beans are a rich source of iron and vitamins. Soybeans are measured to be the beans that hold high iron content. It holds phytic acid that stops the absorption of iron. Soy bean is a low fat plus high protein food that brawl anemia. It is essential for you to cook the soybeans correctly in order to gain utmost health benefits.



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