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Deadly dengue: Facts and Myths that everyone should know

Deadly Dengue Fever is a disease spread by the bite of Aedes mosquito. It is frequently termed as ‘break-bone’ fever.  It causes severe joint, as well as muscle pain that makes the person feel like his / her bones are breaking. The symptoms comprise mild to the high fever which typically lasts for a week. Though, in some cases, it resurfaces and stays for 2 to 3 extra days.

There are numerous misconceptions related to dengue which is injurious to our health and also for the individual suffering from dengue. Below are some dengue-related myths and facts which you all should know:

 Dengue Facts as well as Myths

1 Myth: Drinking goat’s milk, papaya leaves juice and crab soup boost the platelets count.

Fact: though being diagnosed with dengue, the patient should stay hydrated. Drinking of plenty of fluids is a necessity! Patients should sip lots of water and less of soft drinks. Preservative added drinks should also be evaded. Regarding the myth, once a patient attain the recovery stage the intake of papaya juice prepared by using papaya leaves or any other won’t assist to increase of platelets. Although, keeping the patient hydrated facilitate them get well fast.

2 Myth: Having dengue once means it won’t come in your life again.

Fact: Dengue virus has four diverse types. When a person undergoes from any one of these categories, he/she becomes resistant to that particular infection for a lifespan, but a temporary immunity is all that is an offer to the other types.

3 Myth: Dengue breeds in unclean water.

Fact: The dengue loves fresh, stagnant water. It always evades dirty water. It occurs all through the dry season mainly and not in the rainy season. Though, to avoid breeding of the mosquito, stagnation of water should be shunned. Appropriate cleaning of flower vases closed lids on sealed clean water and cover up bamboo pole holders when not in use are several ways of stop the breeding.

4 Myth: Low platelet count indicates severe dengue.

Fact: The symptoms of severe dengue are

  • Constant vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Liver failure
  • Severe bleeding

When a person is suffering from symptoms of dengue listed above, then he/she get himself/herself checked by a physician, who would clarify if he/she is actually suffering from severe dengue or not.

5 Myth: The Aedes mosquito can raise in all conditions.

Fact: The Aedes mosquito can breed just in temperatures over 16 degrees Celsius. Also, it does not actually attack throughout night time, in its place; it attacks typically in the daytime. Trust it or not- the mosquitoes are relatively smart and choosy. Their favourite spots to bite are under the knee plus elbow.

There’s a lengthy list of the diverse other myths that people have multiplied across without thinking. These myths can root serious harm to the patients. One should all the time ask the doctor before considering the words.



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