Everything you need to know about COVID-19 Pneumonia Serious Complication

Learning about COVID19 Pneumonia Serious Complication, Pneumonia is basically the infection of lungs caused by bacteria and viruses.
It’s more common to hear a patient dying of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus that’s been spreading across the world. For those who came across the COVID19, developing pneumonia is a common serious complication.

Symptoms of COVID19 Pneumonia:

⦁ Fever
⦁ Productive cough with purulent sputum and possible haemoptysis (cough with blood)
⦁ Cyanosis
⦁ Pallor
⦁ Decrease in breathe.

Consolidated through chest X-ray and physical examination of symptoms.

What causes COVID19 Pneumonia?

Generally pneumonia is a acute respiratory infection caused by bacteria, fungi, and many viruses including COVID 19. Although it may vary from the way it infects and develops.

For example, the virus may infect the lungs directly but in some serious cases it damages the lung and make it susceptible to other bacterial infections as seen in case of flu.

However, scientist yet are not sure how often it occurs.

Why pneumonia is so dangerous?

When the bacteria enter the lungs through air droplets or blood they invade alveolar space causing them to inflame and produce an immune response which causes them to fill the alveolar space with bacteria, fluid or pus, compromising lung function. Ultimately causing difficulty in breathing.

Though pneumonia can be milder I.e. a person can be able to do their work but may feel sick to severe, where they may require hospitalization.

Apart from COVID19, the centers of disease control and prevention claims around 2,50,000 cases of hospitalization and death of 50,000 people takes place the due cause of pneumonia each year.

Do viral and bacterial pneumonia are the same?

Although the symptoms in both cases are same the individual infected with the virus may develop few extra symptoms which are absent in bacterial pneumonia including
⦁ Cough with yellow or green colored mucus
⦁ Fever
⦁ Chills
⦁ Fatigue
⦁ Sweating
⦁ The blueness of the lips
⦁ Weakness.

How pneumonia is usually treated?

If you are diagnosed with pneumonia, the doctor will ask you for additional tests for determining the actual cause of infection either viral or bacterial which directs to decide further treatment.

Antivirals like Tami-flu is used if the infection is viral and antibiotics like amoxicillin for bacterial infection.
Regardless Its sometimes tricky when viral infection develops secondary infection of bacteria.
We couldn’t wait till it gets clear, due to worsening of the condition. thence antibiotics are prescribed as first-line drug n later adjusted as per the outcome target of diagnosis.

Researchers are trying to develop a better diagnostic tool for sharp detection of the underlying cause.
The infection may vary from mild to severe hence your doctor decides whether you need to stay in hospital-based on your oxygen level of the blood, the severity of the infection, signs of sepsis or any cognitive impairment and other factors.

Does pneumonia developed by covid19 dealt and diagnosed the same?

Diagnosing pneumonia related to coronavirus is not as simple as it was. Though chest x-ray can help to find the cause whether viral or bacterial. It cannot exactly pinpoint the culprit. However it’s been more challenging now due to the complexity caused to perform x-ray lies afterward or before I.e. the high chance of spreading the virus to the people around.

Though it is being diagnosed by performing flu tests, and if it’s negative then been tested for covid19.
As far concern to the treatment, it’s unclear to say how often covid19 develops secondary infection hence antibiotics has been drug of choice. However there is no treatment proved effective to fight against the coronavirus.

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Know who are at the high risk?

Generally older people, children and people with diabetes, heart problems, lung diseases or anyone with weak immunity a at high risk to develop severe pneumonia.

According to the recent data, pneumonia is not only the complication but it develops other severe conditions like organ damage, sepsis, acute r respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) potentially causing death.

Is it better to get vaccinated now?

Along with flu jabs, influenza vaccine there are many vaccines available now against few common bacteria causing pneumonia like pneumococcus.

It is recommended for the people of age 65 and more and individuals with underlying condition to get vaccinated before the flu season begins ( pneumonia is more likely to develop in winter season).

However, getting flu vaccine now at doctors clinic is recommended due to pandemic outbreak of covid19. But it’s been suggested to reach out at nearby pharmacy where the people having covid19 aren’t hanging out.

Consult Doctor before getting pneumococcal vaccine is necessary to make sure whether you are getting appropriate one and at the right time.

For instance, PPSV23 is advisable for all adults where pneumovax for the people at the age of 65. CV13 or prevnar13 should be given to some indicated people.

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