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Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment



Anxiety Disorder

A general term used for numerous conditions which cause nervousness, worrying, fear, apprehension. These conditions can cause physical symptoms and can also affect our feelings & behavior. Anxiety Disorder is the most common mental illness in the world. It is really very important to identify the difference between the normal condition of this disorder and of that which requires medical attention.

What is anxiety?

According to some studies and research anxiety is defined as an emotion which can be characterized by the feelings, thoughts and physical changes such as high blood pressure.

From the earlier days of humanity, incoming danger and the methodology of predators has set off alarms in the body and allowed them to take evasive measures. We face potentially destructive thoughts, worrying triggers which can be noticeable in the form of sweating, increased sensitivity, raised heartbeat. A response of adrenaline to danger causes these reactions which are known as fight or flight response. It revolves around family, life, work, health, and other important issues which require personal attention.

Survival anxiety still can be essential while crossing the road, being hit by a car etc. to avoid danger but when this condition goes beyond survival than it is called anxiety disorder. When a reaction goes out of the proportion to what might be expected in normally then anxiety disorder occurs.

Type of anxiety disorders

This can be classified into six main types which include the following:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

It is a chronic disorder which includes long-lasting anxiety and worries about nonspecific events and situations. People may not always be able to identify the cause for their condition.

  • Panic disorder

Apprehensive panic disorder and sudden attacks of intense terror that can lead to confusion, dizziness, shaking, breathing difficulties and nausea are known as panic disorder. This disorder occurs after one has experienced frightening or prolonged stress. It may lead to drastic changes in behavior.

  • Phobia

Avoidance of a situation or an object and an irrational fear is a phobia. In this fear can be acknowledged by the person but unable to control anxiety.

  • Social anxiety disorder

A range of feelings such as a fear of intimacy, stage fright, a fear of humiliation which can cause people to avoid human contact and public situations is known as social anxiety disorder.

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

It is characterized by repetitive thoughts or actions which are upsetting and intrusive. In this people may clean their personal things like hands.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD)

It is the result of some previous trauma like sexual assault, hostage situation or an accident.

  • Separation anxiety disorder

This condition occurs when a high level of anxiety is caused due to some kind of separation from a person or place which used to provide a feeling of safety.

Symptoms of Anxiety disorder

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Shortest of breath
  • Sleeping difficulty
  • Tense muscles
  • Panic, fear, uneasiness
  • Sweaty, cold, numb hands or feet


The exact reason is not known that what brings anxiety disorder but it occurs with the combination of things like environmental stress, changes in your brain and even genetic.

Diagnosis of this can be done by examining family history because there is no lab test for diagnosing anxiety disorders. For this, you may have to visit a psychiatrist, psychologist or health specialist.


Following therapies, one can try if suffering from this condition

  • Psychotherapy
  • Medications

Living and Management

  • Cut down on caffeine consumption
  • Eat right
  • Exercise
  • Following relaxing bedtime routine

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What causes cracked heels and how to heal them?



cracked heels

Cracked heels are one of the most frightening skin problems. It may cause bleeding, irritation and discomfort. You must have wondered what causes this troubling problem and how to solve it? If yes, then go ahead and read about it.

Cracked heels

What causes cracked heels?

Dry skin builds up near your heels and form cracks on the skin. Following are the factors that cause cracked heels.

Less moisture – Most of us are unaware of the fact that the skin around our heels has very few sweat glands. hence, our skin is dry at those spots. If your skin type is dry, then it is a lot easier for your heels to crack.

Deficiencies – Deficiency of nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E can cause dry skin. If your body lacks Zinc and Omega 3 Fatty Acids in diet, you may face the problem of improper blood circulation and irritation on the skin.

Pressure – If your job or day includes standing more on your feet, the pressure on your heels can crack them.

Age – With age, your skin becomes less elastic which is one of the reasons for having a cracked heel.

Fatness – Your weight is directly proportional to the weight on your heel. This may expand sideways and less elasticity may cause the cracked heels.

Exposing footwear – if your footwear is exposing, possibilities of cracked heels increases because your skin is open to all kind of attacks and exposure.

Unhygienic Conditions – Hygienic conditions are necessary to take care of your feet.

Contact with water – If you stand in water for a long time, water may take away important natural oils. It can cause dry skin.

Non-Fitting Footwear – May pressurise the sideways

How to heal them?

Once you know the cause, it becomes easy to remove it. The remedies for your cracked heels are listed below.

  1. Moisturise your foot skin regularly.
  2. If your cracked heel is bleeding, antiseptic is the best solution because it will stop the septicity and catch the moistness in.
  3. Try to avoid exposing footwear.
  4. Eat seafood, nuts and seeds and plant oils to have maximum Omega 3 in your diet.
  5. Drink a lot of water.
  6. Eat everything that has Vitamin A, C and E.
  7. Maintain good hygiene and try not to be in damped areas for a very long time.

Getting rid of cracked heels is difficult but not impossible. If you follow all the remedies given above, those may be useful for your overall dry skin.





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Aloe Vera Gel Benefits : Reasons Why You Should Have This Wonder Plant At Home!



One of the most used plants for medicinal purposes is Aloe Vera. People call it a wonder plant because it has many therapeutic properties and works wonders on different problems. The most useful part of this plant is its gel. Some people plant Aloe Vera at home and extract gel naturally and some prefer to buy this from the market. There are various brands which sell the gel. This gel has numerous benefits and some of them are given below.


Anti-inflammatory effects 

The Gel of Aloe plant fights inflammation and redness caused due to it. The same property may also help to treat osteoarthritis, psoriasis, dermatitis, oral mucositis, surgical wounds and burns injuries.

Aloe Vera Gel is good for the stomach

The gel of Aloe Vera is considered as one of the best laxatives which helps to increase intestinal water content and treats constipation.

Works on sunburns

You always fear to have sunburns and skin irritations in summer. If you step out of the house without the sunscreen, you get sunburned. This gel can be used to treat that too. It has a compound called polysaccharides which encourages skin repair and help to generate new skin cells.


Stay hydrated holds good for your body as well as skin. There is no other better moisturiser than Aloe Vera gel as it is full of water.  It moisturises your skin without any oiliness. Many brands use this gel in their cosmetics for hydrating purposes.

For acne and wrinkles

It has antibacterial properties and also has salicylic acid in it. This acid acts as an exfoliant which helps to unclog pores and treat acne, blackheads and wrinkles. Due to gel’s fibroblast activity for collagen production, it makes your skin firmer and makes helps you to look younger.

Aloe Vera Gel treats hair problems

The pH of Aloe Vera is the same that of your scalp which explains why you can directly use this gel on your hair. The active ingredients like essential amino acids and minerals like copper and zinc which are beneficial for hair. This gel also treats the problem of dandruff.

Immune system

Immunity is very important for one’s well-being. The gel improves the mast cells. These cells are necessary in case of allergies and inflammation. They fight against pathogens and other microbes.

Bottom Line

Many brands offer a range of Aloe Vera gel in the market. A few claim to be 100% pure but some have a lot of chemicals, colours and scents. You can make this wonderfully useful gel at home. All you need is an Aloe Vera plant. Leading a good and healthy life is always beneficial for your own health. So, plant Aloe Vera at your place and enjoy the benefits.

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Obesity and Related Diseases



An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In simple words, prevention is better than cure. We are very well aware of the fact that nowadays the number of people suffering from obesity has definitely increased. While we have previously discussed the benefits of exercising Let us now discuss why one should aim at reducing weight?

The reason behind weight gain

Before discussing the side effects of obesity, let us first know how does one become obese? When a person consumes more calories than required, the person is definitely on the verge of weight gain. Obesity is also prevalent among those who do not burn the extra calories that they have consumed. Also, if one does not drink an adequate amount of water, then there is a good chance that he/she may become obese. Let me elaborate on how does this happen.  Drinking water boosts our metabolism, suppresses our appetite, and helps us in shedding water weight. At times obesity may also be because of a disease, which is obviously unavoidable.

Now post discussing the reasons behind obesity let us know its side effects.

The side effects of obesity are obviously diseases. Let us discuss them.

1)  Type II Diabetes

If you are overweight or obese, it puts you at risk of developing this deadly disease. Although the body is making enough insulin but the cells of one’s body resist the action of insulin. Now the next question that pops in one’s head is that what is insulin? It is a hormone secreted by the pancreas; insulin uses the sugar in our body and this sugar is obtained from carbohydrates. Insulin’s primary function is to maintain our blood’s sugar levels.

2) High Blood Pressure

Before discussing this disease, let us first know what blood pressure is. We know that our heartbeats. But do you know why does it beat? The beating of the heart is because it pumps blood to the organs of our body in order to provide oxygen to them. Blood pressure is the strength of this pushing. Obesity pressurizes our heart to pump in more blood and puts extra strain on our arteries. All this result in heart attack and strokes.

3) Sleep Apnea

Now the above-mentioned diseases are common and known by many. This disease, in particular, is not known by people. Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If a person snores loudly and is tired even after a full night’s sleep, chances are there that you might have sleep apnea.

The different types of sleep apnea are:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea: This takes place when throat muscles relax.
  • Central sleep apnea: Occurs when the brain doesn’t send proper signals to the muscles that control breathing.
  • Complex sleep apnea syndrome: This is also termed as treatment-emergent central sleep apnea, usually occurs when someone has both obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea.

Obesity can increase the chances of sleep apnea. An obese person obviously will have more fat stored around the neck thereby making our airway smaller. A smaller airway can make breathing difficult or loud (because of snoring), or breathing may stop altogether for short periods of time.

4) Fatty Liver Disease

As the name says, this disease is prevalent when fat builds around the liver. It is further categorized into two types namely:

  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a type of fatty liver disease that is not related to heavy alcohol use
  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease, also called alcoholic steatohepatitis, is due to heavy alcohol use.

The disease affects people who are middle-aged, obese or diabetic.

Although we have discussed some major diseases related to obesity, there are a few more like:

  1. Ostoeporosis
  2. Osteoarthritis
  3. Cancer
  4. Kidney Disease

Therefore it is very important that we stay fit and healthy and avoid being obese. At times obesity also leads to depression. So, one should monitor his/her diet and refrain from getting obese. After all Obesity is a mental state, a disease brought on by boredom and disappointment. One should always aim at being fit and healthy.  Obesity is just like slow poisoning and takes away one’s life slowly and steadily.

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Exercising: A way to a long and healthy life



Remaining fit and healthy is never an option. Although given with our hectic scheduled nowadays, people should try to incorporate certain rules and regulations in one’s life. A person should aim at leading a healthy and energetic lifestyle. This simply implies that a person should be full of beans! Being as fit as a fiddle will only increase our life expectancy. So how do we do this? How do we become fit and healthy? There are two methods to improve our health. While the first one is to monitor and control our diet, the second one is a little bit time consuming and much more demanding. Although the second one is demanding but it shouldn’t worry you much, since that demand is the requirement of our body. Exercising is what I am talking about. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Let us first know what exercising is. The movement of muscles which further results in burning our calories is what exercising actually means.  

Benefits of Exercising

 Let me explain this aspect scientifically. Our body needs energy to function. Has this ever occurred to you that from where does this energy come?  This energy comes from the food that we eat. Let me elaborate this by citing an example. Supposedly you have started running, within three seconds of running, the muscles finish of their ATP supply. Adenosine Triphosphate, often abbreviated as ATP, helps in storage and usage of energy.  

In order to avoid the finishing of this ATP, the phosphagen energy system starts working. The system helps in regeneration of ATP, which in turn keeps are muscles working for the next 8-10 seconds. 

Glycogen is split into glucose and lactic acid, thereby producing ATP. This ATP lasts for about the next 90 seconds. If we continue exercising for a longer duration, the glycogen-lactic acid system again takes over.  

Now, if we keep exercising, then aerobic respiration takes place. Now what is aerobic respiration? A process by which animals or creatures surviving on oxygen, turn fuel or food such as fats and sugars, into energy. Through respiration, the cells turn  fuel into energy, which enhances our body’s functioning. It is therefore through respiration that ATP is produced. 

Now that was the benefit that exercising provides us internally. Let us now know about the other benefits that exercising provides. 

Weight Control 

How can we get away with this one? The primary aim of exercising is to get rid of the excess fat in our body, thereby reducing our weight. Our metabolic rate increases because of exercising. More calories are burnt as a result of our increased metabolic rate. Since more calories are burnt, our body fat is consumed to generate more energy, thereby reducing our weight. 

Enhances Mood 

Exercising leads to a reduction in our anxiety levels, makes us happier and reduces depression. Exercising increases our brain’s sensitivity towards hormones like serotonin and norepinephrine, thereby relieving us from depression. 

 Beneficial for our muscles and bones 

Exercises like weight lifting help in muscle building in a person’s body. It is also a known fact that people who exercise more have an increased bone density and are said to be safe from diseases like osteoporosis. 


Exercising increases the blood flow in our body. Since the skin requires blood for its nourishment, exercising provides blood to our skin cells. Cleansing of the skin from inside takes place as a result of exercising.  

Although there are many other benefits of exercising, like it also reduces the cholesterol levels in one’s body. In the nutshell, we should exercise regularly for our body’s proper functioning. Becoming a bag of bones should never be the aim of exercising. A clean bill of health should be our priority. Although everyone has to die one day, but we should die with our boots on.  


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World Cancer Day 2019 : The Bollywood super humans who conquered Cancer like the boss.



World Cancer Day

February 4 is celebrated as the World Cancer day to spread awareness about cancer. The Union for International Cancer control founded this day in 2008. This day marks as an international day to encourage people about cancer prevention and target myths and taboos about cancer. Keeping motto of supporting cancer patient emotionally this day ran movements like #NoHairSelfie, #Hairticipants to contribute anyhow in the struggle of cancer patients. From 2016 to 2018, the theme for World Cancer Day was “We can, I Can.” Now, from 2019 to 2021 it will be ” I am and I will.”

There are many people who conquered Cancer like the boss. And these people include some of the Bollywood celebrities too. Following are the Bollywood celebrities who were recently diagnosed with cancer but they fought back or still fighting cancer.

  1. Sonali Bendre: On July 4, 2018; Sonali suddenly twitted about her high-grade metastised cancer which she did not saw coming and the whole nation was in the shock. But she was ready to fight cancer, no matter what and she did it. She was undergoing a course of treatment in New York. Sonali is back to India she will back to work very soon. She constantly used her Instagram to post about her emotional journey of cancer. Her whole fanbase on social media was continually showing love in the comment section and Sonali said that she is grateful for all the wishes.
  2. Tahira Kashyap: Wife of Bollywood actor Ayushmaan Khurana, Tahira Kashyap was detected with cancer in her right breast. She had taken her social media on September 22, 2018, to reveal about her cancer. She was fully positive throughout her cancer treatment. She went through her last chemo on January 5, 2018. And then she posted her bald photos like the boss. She celebrated her birthday on 21st January with her family and friends. She also walked on the ramp for Reebok India recently. She thinks her nature of enjoying every moment to the fullest gave her hopes and strength to fight cancer. Today, She posted a bold photograph of her on Instagram on behalf of World Cancer Day to express how she embraces every scar and point of her journey.
  3. Irrfan Khan: This versatile actor was diagnosed with neuroendocrine Cancer in March 2018. He too let his fans and following know about this via his twitter handle. He twitted that it is was a very difficult period for him and life forced him to see this world from a completely different perspective but all the love and wishes made him want to come back and tell stories. After recovery, he was seen in the movie ” Karwaan.” It is said that he also started to shoot for “Hindi Medium 2”
  4. Nafisa Ali: In November 2018, an Indian Bengali actress Nafisa Ali was diagnosed with stage 3 peritoneal and ovarian cancer. She is super active on Instagram and she kept everyone updated through the strong and weak incidents of her journey. She also posted some videos with her grandchildren and how they used to cheer her up after her chemo. In one video, her grandchildren were cutting her hair. She justs never stops smiling and that’s what keeps everyone inspiring.
  5. Rakesh Roshan: In the early days of January 2019, Hrithik Roshan posted a photo with his father telling about his early stage of squamous cell carcinoma (throat cancer). This cancer happens because of abnormal growth of the cells. Hrithik wrote about his family being fortunate about having a leader like his father. Rakesh Roshan was seen busy with Krrish 4 shooting a few weeks back.

There are many other fighters like Manisha Koirala, Sunaina Roshan, Lisa Roy etc. Fighting cancer is not easy because you need to be strong emotionally to take care of yourself. We wish all the cancer patients a very fast recovery.

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