Vehicle dealers in Odisha must display price chart in showrooms


Bhubaneswar, Jan 13 (IANS) The State Transport Authority (STA) in Odisha has asked all the automobile dealers to mandatorily display details of payment to be made by the purchaser for each category of vehicle in their showrooms, officials said.

In an order, the STA has directed that it is mandatory for all the dealers to display details of payment to be made by the purchaser for each category of vehicle on a notice board on a conspicuous place in their showrooms that is clearly visible to the customers.

The dealers have to mention on the notice board that no extra payment will be charged other than the ones mentioned on the display board, the order said.

All the charges, whether essential or optional, must be clearly mentioned on the display board. For all charges so taken, the dealer must issue a receipt, said the order.

The RTOs have been asked to inspect the automobile showrooms to ensure that they have complied with the above instructions.

As per the order, automobile dealers cannot charge any amount from a customer without giving a proper receipt. Also, the dealers cannot force the buyer to get the vehicle insured with them.

The STA has informed that starting January 1, 2022, the transport department is issuing driving licence and registration certificate of vehicles in digital mode. Resultantly, the fee of registration of vehicles payable by the purchaser has been reduced from Rs 282 to Rs 140.

However, it has been learnt that some dealers are not passing on this benefit to the customers and are continuing to charge the earlier fees. Therefore, this order has been issued, an official said.

It has been alleged that some vehicle dealers are charging extra amount from the customers who are buying two or four-wheelers.

The government charges only registration and tax amount for new vehicles and hence, distributors should charge only that and not take any extra amount in the name of handling charges etc., the order said.

If any dealer is found violating the order, action will be taken for suspension or cancellation of the trade certificate of such errant dealer, warned the transport authority.



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