US’ ‘reciprocal’ restrictions on Chinese diplomats on their soil

Washington: A new rule by White House requires Chinese diplomats and embassy officials to notify prior to conducting meetings with state or local officials including visits to research institutions and  universities and other educational institutions.

Officials in White House however maintain that diplomats need not require to ‘take permission’ and have to just notify state department about any such visits.

The move comes amid ongoing trade negotiations with Beijing after months of trade war between both countries.

A state department official told media that “In China, US diplomats do not have unfettered access to a range of folks that are important for us to do our job here. In contrast, [Chinese] diplomats in the US are of course, able to take full advantage of our open society,” adding that said the US was just “levelling the playing field” with China, and that it was a tit-for-tat to Chinese restrictions on American diplomats.

“PRC diplomats stationed here in the United States are, of course, able to take full advantage of our open society to meet with a whole range of Americans. Now we’re not looking to reduce those interactions at all”, said a state department official in a press briefing via telephone.

Replying to the administration actions on diplomats Beijing embassy in the US said on Twitter that the actions were a breach of “Vienna Convention” and “the receiving State shall accord full facilities for the performances of the functions of the mission. But the US side is doing exactly the opposite.”

Transcript of ⁦⁦State Department Reciprocal Action on Chinese Diplomats in the US can be found here:


A US official on condition of anonymity, “We’ve been complaining to the Chinese government for years now,” regarding restrictions on American diplomats in China.

Another official emphasized that move is “not directly linked” to ongoing trade-war between Beijing and Washington.

China retorted to US side saying that the US has a far greater number of diplomatic personnel in China than China has in the US. with American diplomats paying more than 160 visits to Chinese universities in 2018.

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