US Evicts Two Chinese Officials, Alleging Trespassing on to Special Military Base in Virginia

Two diplomats in the US working as Chinese Embassy officials were thrown out of the country as they infringed a US military base camp in Virginia in September 2019. The Chinese diplomats tried to enter the special military camps with their wives. Both the countries never announced this expulsion publicly reported The Ney York Times, on Sunday.

According to the reports, one of these two officials is believed to an undercover intelligence agent working as an Embassy official.  In September, the two Chinese officers with their wives broke in a special base camp in Virginia and were stopped by fire trucks that stopped their paths.

Neither the Chinese foreign ministry or Chinese embassy and FBI officials refused to comments nor replied to requests for the times to comment.

The reason why these officials decided to broke into the special Military base in Norfolk, Virginia. Reportedly, the officials revealed the reason might be to check the security at such base camps. On being asked by the military officials they replied that they were lost.

After this, later on, on October 16, the state-issued me regulations on Chinese officials need to report to the department before any encounters with locals or state officials with educational or public institutes.

Many investigating American agencies are keeping a special eye on many visiting Chinese scholars and students. Recently, Trump prohibited to buy Chinese buying surveillance and telecom products from companies like Huawei and ZTE. Trump’s administration increased tariffs on numerous Chinese goods. Even the justice department also has increased security against Chinese suspects.

This instance was on a sensitive fortification, near the special U.S. Navy base, Virginia. The infiltration by the Chinese diplomats is considered to be an exceptional example of their courage. Many Chinese diplomats have increased their visits at research and other public centres in recent times. An Amrican official even stated to the NY Times that the Chinese are trying to increase their spying efforts in America.

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