UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson came out from Intensive Care Unit : UK Covid-19 death Crosses 8,000

Uk Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved out of the intensive care unit of the St Thomas’ Hospital. On Friday he was described as being in very good spirits. The death toll from the coronavirus pandemic in the UK crossed 8,000.

The UK wide figure 9f Coronavirus released on Thursday evening was 7,978. On Friday afternoon, Scotland reported a day rise of 48 deaths, taking the figure over 8,000. Final UK-wide figures are due to be released on Friday evening.

Boris was tested positive from this deadly virus two weeks ago and at the beginning, he had only mild symptoms. UK PM was in intensive care for three days after his symptoms for coronavirus identity.

Johnson’s condition improved in a London hospital after three nights in intensive care for treatment of coronavirus.

A Downing Street spokesman informed on Friday afternoon that Johnson is continuing his recovery in a general ward in the hospital.


Boris was waving his thanks towards the nurses and doctors that he saw as he was being moved from the intensive care unit back to the ward. Hopefully, it was clear to the staff that he was waving his gratitude.


The police warned those breaking social distancing rules during the warm weekend that they can expect prosecution.


According to government figure Almost 8,000 people with the coronavirus have died in British hospitals.  The new confirmed cases has begun to plateau, Italy and Spain have the greatest number of deaths, both the countries have neared the peaks of death.

The U.K. reported 881 new deaths, down from the 938 recorded the day before on Thursday while Italy recorded a high of 969 deaths on March 27 and Spain 950 deaths on April 2.



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