“The Eternals”: “Maleficent” and “Jon Snow” in the “Marvel Universe” 25th movie!

A marvel universe has it’s 2021 book with more than 3 upcoming movies! 2021 will be about superheroes! Thor 4, Loki, and Venom 2 coming up in late 2020 or 2021! The marvel universe is done with the endgame and has started a new legacy of “The Eternals”! Unlike other superheroes, the Eternals haven’t met each other, but when they do there’s probably a villain to cause it! Keep reading to know the whole story!

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The Release date of “The Eternals”

The movie was set to release in March 2020 but due to the Pandemic, the date is set on 12 February 2021. 

The Cast of of “The Eternals”

The Eternals will have a separate no of characters as they are the superheroes and the villains being Deviants. But since the Villians are not yet announced I will mention the Eternals cast and their respective characters.


  • Ikaris aka “Richard Madden”, his character is like superman and you must know him from GOT Series as the famous “Robb Stark”.
  • Makkari aka “Lauren Ridloff” a great runner in comic books but it will be played by women in a movie so we still have doubts about her powers. She also played in “The walking dead” series.
  • Kingo aka “Kunal Nanjani”, will have superpowers like Ninja.
  • Sersi aka “Gemma Chan”, she is a magician in comics and the only character who appeared in Marvel Universe.
  • The forgotten son is Gilgamesh, played by “Ma Dong-Seok
  • Thena aka “Angelina Jolie”, the Disney actress “Maleficent” reached marvel universe!
  • Ajak aka “Salma Hayek”, “She” is a “He” in marvel “Eternals” Comic book. So we have no idea about her powers.
  • Phastos aka “Brian Tyree Henry”, he is known as the one who makes machines and tools for the whole Eternal Team.
  • Sprite aka “Lia McHugh” we don’t know the superpowers but the character is known as the youngest due to the ability to never grow up according to marvel comics.
  • The Black Night aka “Kit Harington”, we still don’t know about his character but he is the famous “Jon Snow” of the GOT series!
  • Druig aka “Barry Keoghan”

The Expected Plot of “The Eternals”

This is the start of “The Eternal” series part one, you have to watch the series as it must have more than one part. This is the start of “The Eternal” series, the movie is based on a group of “Eternals” who live in different parts of the earth, they will combine forces because of its time! The enemies are expected to be the “Deviants” according to the book.

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