Silent Hill 4: The Room has just arrived for PC

Available on GoG

Konami seems to be on a roll. Just weeks after the developer relaunched three Metal Gear Solid games on PC; it has now re-released Silent Hill 4: The Room for PC. Konami has made the game available on the online game retailer, GoG. Right now, players can get it for $9.50. Unlike some rumors, Konami has not remastered Silent Hill 4: The Room; it is just a relaunch of the classic horror video game. Although Konami is suddenly interested in re-releasing classic games is anyone’s guess, we believe that the game publisher aims to revive its more known franchises.

Silent Hill 4: The Room – Story and gameplay

Those who have never heard of the Silent Hill games are a classic survival horror game series. First released in 2004, it was available on PS2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. However, it went off the market in recent times, that is, until today. Silent Hill 4 is also the last game to be made by Team Silent.

Silent Hill 4: The Room takes place in the southern part of the fictional city called Ashfield. It revolves around the protagonist, Henry Townshend. The game starts with Henry being locked in his apartment for five days. Upon escaping through a mysterious hole on his bathroom wall, he discovers that he has entered an alternate dimension. Throughout the game, Henry visits several worlds while trying to break free of the mystery. At the same time, an undead serial killer named Walter Sullivan tries to kill him.

As we’ve mentioned before, Silent Hill 4: The Room is a survival horror game. In it, players take control of Henry Townshend as he attempts to get out of his apartment. However, unlike the previous titles, Silent Hill 4 focuses extensively on combat. It further sacrifices the complex puzzle elements, a staple of the franchise, from the gameplay. Players also have access to Henry’s limited inventory, which can include both weapons and other equipment. Although the game has firearms, they are limited to two. Therefore, the combat heavily relies on melee weapons.

Silent Hill 4: The Room – Trailer

Check out the trailer here.

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