Safoora Zargar Gets Bail on Humanitarian Grounds  

Safoora Zargar, 27 a Jamia Milia University student was arrested on the account of participating in the riots that took place in Delhi early this year and has now been granted bail.


She was arrested on conspiracy charges for being involved in the riots that took place against the citizenship amendment act in late last year. Although she had applied for bail multiple times. It is only now that the Delhi High court accepted the plea. Safoora Zargar is 5 months pregnant which is a fairly advanced stage of pregnancy and is even more risky during the times of a pandemic. Still she was arrested and send to an over crowded Tihar jail


“We are thankful to the courts. I also thank our lawyers for their efforts. The family is eagerly looking forward to meeting her,” her husband Saboor Sirwal said.


The Delhi Police had previously opposed the bail as they believed they had clear evidence of her offence and that the extremity of her crime is in no manner excusable. They also cited that 39 deliveries had taken place in the Delhi prisons in the past 10 years. When Safoora Zargar’s bail was initially rejected from the trial court, they moved to the high court. Here the police did not oppose her bail on Humanitarian grounds.


Safoora has also been asked to not involve herself in activities that would hinder the investigation against her and is also advised to not leave Dehli without permission. She also has to be in touch with the investigating officer on phone and also pay 10,000 in personal bond.


Safoora Zargar was arrested as a key conspirator in riots that shook Delhi in February, which had a casualty of 56 human lives



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