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No need to panic, dear countrymen, essential goods and medicines will be available: PM Modi




Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country at 8 pm on Tuesday night amid rising cases of Coronavirus in the country. PM Modi has announced the entire lockdown across the country from 12 pm tonight. After addressing the nation, PM Modi tweeted and said, “My countrymen, there is no need to panic. Shops of essential goods and medicines will remain open. Central and state governments are working together to ensure this. Together we will fight Covid-19 and create a healthy India. Jai Hind! 

Also, The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a guideline regarding essential services, effective measures and exceptions during the 21-day lockdown. This guideline states which services will remain operational during these 21 days.

Read and know what services will continue and what will be stopped during these 21 days of lockdown.

What will be opened?

Medical stores, medical equipment shops food items, ration fruits, vegetables, dairy, milk, meat, fish and fodder, etc. and government ration shops, path labs will remain open.

Hospitals and other related medical institutions, production and allocation units, private and government sector dispensaries, chemists, labs, clinics, nursing homes, and ambulances, etc. will continue to function. Health workers, nurses, paramedical staff and other employees will be allowed to be transported.

People will be allowed to visit the doctor and come home from the hospital.

Essential services like pay troll, CNG, LPG, PNG will remain open.

Power generation, electricity distribution will also continue uninterrupted.

Employees working in the power department will also be allowed to go to work.

Private security services will also continue.

Banks, Insurance Offices and ATMs will remain open.

Print and electronic media will be functional.

Delivery of all essential commodities like food, medicines, medical devices through e-commerce will continue.

Petrol pumps, LPG, Petroleum, and Gas in outlets will be available.

Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Unit will continue.

What will remain closed?

The central government, it’s autonomous/subordinate offices and government companies will remain closed. Exceptions– Defense, CRPF, Treasury, Petroleum, CNG, LPG, PNG, Disaster Management, Power Generation and Transmission Unit, Post Office, NIC Offices.

Offices of States / Union Territories, their autonomous institutions, companies will remain closed. Exceptions: Police, Home Guards, Civil Defense, Fire and Emergency Services, Disaster Management and Jails.

District administration and treasury.Exception: Municipal bodies – Staff for essential services like sanitation and water supply.

Government and private offices will remain closed.

Rail, air and roadways services will not be available.

All modes of public transport-air, rail, road will be closed.

Public places such as malls, halls, gyms, spas, sports clubs will remain closed.

All restaurants, shops will remain closed. Gym, hotels, motels, religious places, all educational institutions will also be closed.

No more than 20 people will be allowed in the funeral.

All factories, workshops, warehouses, weekly markets will remain closed.

In his address to the nation, Modi said that this step has been taken to implement social distancing (social distance) in a very strict manner, the most important weapon against this dangerous virus. The PM also told how coronavirus cases have increased rapidly in the world. The Prime Minister said, “Forget going out of the house for the next 21 days. If you cross Laxman Rekha then you will invite viruses in your homes. The 21-day prisoner is looking long but this is the way to keep everyone safe. If you do not accept 21 days, then our country, your family will go back 21 years. Thus stay home, stay safe.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Health tips you can follow at home to bear up with Coronavirus crises




Hearing lockdowns everywhere! Truly, COVID-19 or we say coronavirus has changed our life activities. There is a pause in social activities, and staying at home for a long period of time is quite difficult. But, we have no choice left! As still vaccination research going on, the only option we get is to stay at home to break the chain. The most important thing is to care about our health to increase our immune system by following some tips at home.

But before that, it’s also equally important for us to stay away from rumours. Just stop forwarding any messages/photos before researching on social networking sites. It creates less panic and true information gathers positivity among people which is important for mental health.

Do not over consume social media messages, rather limit the news and better to read authentic information coming from WHO and related sources.

How to protect yourself against Coronavirus?

WHO has provided with several directives to stay safe. They include:

  1. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water;
  2. Cover your face when you cough or sneeze, or with your elbow or with a tissue that you immediately dispose of;
  3. Avoid touching nose, eyes and mouth;
  4. Maintain hygiene and clean surfaces and objects you touch often;
  5. Seek medical attention if you have a cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, call in advance who will quickly direct you to the right health facility.

Visit the WHO official website to know more: Click here

Tips For Mental Health To Bear Up With Coronavirus Crises

Here are some mental tips you can make a friendship with.

  1. Well, looking at the positive side, this is a great opportunity for everyone to look back and find something that needs improvement.


  1. Accept that everyone is going through a hard time and therefore acknowledge yourself in the space you are in. Come back with questions like what made you choose this career and how you can take the current situation in the advantage for yourself.


  1. Video chats, playing indoor games is the best way to keep your mental health at its best. Talk to friends whom you lost connect with and bring back memories you lost due to busy schedule. Playing games will sharp your mind and will not make you feel isolated. It keeps the spirit alive.


  1. Watch movies at Netflix or Amazon of your choice. Read books you wanted to read but not able to because of the tight schedule. E-books are also available. Take up online classes and learn something new. This is a great time and takes the current situation in your favour.


  1. Practice social isolation and personal hygiene.

How To Work From Home Effectively?

If you have a habit of making To-do list every day, then working from home will not be difficult for you. Choose a perfect place with your comfortable chair and discover your high productivity timings. And don’t forget to celebrate smaller wins.

Principles to Remember:

  • Create a dedicated workspace
  • Let your family know, you are unavailable for some period of time
  • Make a schedule
  • Allow natural light into your workspace as it boosts up Vitamin D levels
  • Work at a place where enough electric outlets are available, so you don’t have to go-to charging point every time.
  • Try taking a 15-minute walk(break) inside your home

Workouts To Stay Fit During Coronavirus 

“Physical exercise is also important to stay healthy”

As we all know, local gym and fitness studio has shut its doors due to lockdowns in various cities and localities. So, what a gym lover will do? Here are 5 workouts for anyone who wants to stay FIT, HEALTHY and ENERGETIC can go for the following.

  1. Jumping Jacks (Warm-up exercise)

Jumping Jack is a physical jumping exercise with the hands touching overhead and the legs spread wide. Well, it’s a fun whole-body exercise that instantly elevates our mood.


  • Keep our heart healthy
  • Improve Coordination
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Aid Weight Loss
  • Improve Stamina And Stability


  1. Jumping

Also known as plyometric training, jumping helps to build strength and correct any muscle imbalance. It also includes single-leg jump ups, two leg jumps, long jump, a box jump and so on


  • Improve Strength and Power
  • Build Muscle
  • Injury Prevention


  1. Pushups

Pushups are fast and effective exercise. It is a compound exercise that uses muscles in the chest, triceps, shoulders, abs, back, and even the legs. Please note, correct formation is very important.


  • Increase Functional Strength
  • Improve Your Posture
  • Muscle Stretching for Vitality and Health

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Narendra Modi speech highlights: PM announces 21-day lockdown across India



PM announces 21-day lockdown across India.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the second time in less than a week, as India grapples with the raging coronavirus pandemic, that has now affected 190 countries worldwide.

Here are the highlights from his Tuesday PM speech:

PM thanks nation for success of ‘Janta curfew’ on March 22

  • The nation came together as one for Janta curfew


  • Coronavirus has stretched the resources of even developed nations


  • Social distancing only way to stop coronavirus, please remain within your homes


  • Some are under the illusion that social distancing is only for the ones who have the infection


  • India will have to pay a very high price if social distancing is not adhered to


  • Entire country to be under lockdown from midnight tonight


  • Total ban on moving out of homes from midnight tonight, to be enforced more stringently than Janta curfew


  • 21-day lockdown to be enforced in entire country


  • 21 days of isolation very necessary to break the chain of coronavirus


  • 21 days of lockdown, if not effectively enforced, will push country back by 21 years


  • There is an invisible ‘Lakshmanrekha’ at everybody’s door


  • Coronavirus affected the first 100,000 people in 67 days, but the next 100,000 in just 11 days


  • The next 100,000 were infected in just 4 days


  • This is enough to understand the rapidity with which this spreads


  • Italy, US with better healthcare infrastructure have struggled to cope with the outbreak


  • We need to learn from countries that have somewhat successfully mitigated the crisis


  • These countries were able to stem the spread with strict lockdown


  • Come what might, we should not leave our homes


  • This is true for the villagers in remote regions, and also to the nation’s Prime Minister


  • Italy, US with better healthcare infrastructure have struggled to cope with the outbreak


  • We need to learn from countries that have somewhat successfully mitigated the crisis


  • These countries were able to stem the spread with strict lockdown


  • Come what might, we should not leave our homes


  • This is true for the villagers in remote regions, and also to the nation’s Prime Minister


  • We are at the crossroads when our decisions will decide how effectively we deal with the situation


  • Think of the doctors, paramedics, ambulance drivers who are at the forefront of the fight


  • The policemen, those working in the media have to be out working, spare a thought for them


  • We have made all efforts to ensure supply of essential goods


  • Top priority to be accorded to measures that ensure people’s lives are safe


  • Centre has allocated Rs 15,000 cr for coronavirus battle


  • Isolation wards & beds, ventilators and other arrangements to be made with this amount


I am happy that the private sector has come forward to the aid of the nation’s people



Do not take any medication without the advice of doctors



Improper treatment can seriously endanger your lives



I am confident that Indian will emerge victorious in this battle



Take care of yourself, and also of your near and dear ones and pass this news to others



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Coronavirus: Pakistan Doctor Dies due to Lack of Access to Protection Gear



Coronavirus: Pakistan Doctor Dies due to Lack of Access to Protection Gear

A Pakistani doctor who suspected coronavirus died on Sunday after testing positive for the virus, highlighting the danger to physicians who have threatened to strike unless access to protection equipment improves.

The top health official in the country’s northern Gilgit province, Shah Zaman, said” Dr. Osama Riaz, who was screening pilgrims who had returned to Pakistan from Iran, tested positive on Friday,  he had subsequently died.

Pakistan, which borders Iran and China, two of the most affected countries, has reported three deaths and 658 infected patients, the highest number in South Asia. With a broken healthcare system and the world’s sixth-largest population of 208 million people, Pakistan remains in danger of a large scale spread of the virus, experts have warned.

Besides Riaz a couple of more doctors have also shown symptoms, officials say.

Dr Asfandyar Khan, president of staff at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences in Islamabad, told a news conference on Friday “We request the government to immediately provide us personal protection equipment,”.

“It is like suicide to treat patients without protection,” “If the infection spreads in hospitals, believe me, no person will be ready to touch any patient.” He threatened doctors would stop work if they and other healthcare staff aren’t given the necessary equipment by Monday.

Pakistan’s health minister Zafar Mirza held a meeting with doctors’ representatives on Saturday. “Health workforce is my first priority,” he said on Twitter. The chief of Pakistan’s national disaster management department Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal said on Friday that “12,500 pieces of personal equipment had been procured. Ventilator shortage is another issue. “We have 1,700 ventilators in public hospitals and another 600 in the private sector,” said Afzal, adding an order had been made to procure 800 more. He said an order for 200,000 N95 masks and 100,000 kits to test the virus had also been placed to enhance the country’s capacity to cater to 900,000 people.

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Nation Observes ‘Janata Curfew,’ appreciate COVID-19 Warriors , Many States Announce Lockdowns




India on Sunday continued its battle against the deadly coronavirus pandemic as it observed a nationwide ‘Janata Curfew’ today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had, in his address to the nation on Thursday, called upon people to observe a ‘Janata Curfew’ on March 22 and applaud all those fighting the coronavirus pandemic by coming out in balconies and clapping for them for five minutes.

(1.) Prime Minister Modi in his Thursday night address to the nation, people today observed ‘Janata Curfew,’ in what has been described as a ‘mock drill’ to prepare the country for a potential longer lockdown.

(2.) The PM’s call by applauding all those who are leading the country’s fight against the pandemic. While the exercise was to begin at 5 PM and continue for five minutes, it began well before the scheduled time and went on for more than five minutes.

(3.) Before the ‘Janata Curfew’ could conclude at 9 PM, as scheduled, a number of states announced complete or partial lockdowns. These include Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana etc.

(4.) On the advice of the Centre, 75 districts from various states have been out under lockdown as well; all of the country’s confirmed COVID-19 cases have been reported .

(5.) The total number of positive coronavirus cases in India reached 360; three deaths due to the infection have also been reported today. While Maharashtra recorded its second death, Bihar and Gujarat registered their first cases of death due to COVID-19.

(6.) While a 63-year-old man died in Mumbai, a 38-year-old man, who had returned from Qatar, died in Patna. In Gujarat, meanwhile, a 69-year-old man with co-morbid conditions passed away due to the infection.

(7.) Indian Railways, too, has suspended all its passenger services, except goods trains, till March 31. Trains that are currently already on the run, would be allowed to reach their respective destinations. Metro services in various cities, too, have been stopped till March 31.

(8.) Ban on international flights from landing in India, for a week, also kicked in today. Also, after Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, while announcing complete lockdown in Delhi, said that no domestic flights would be allowed to land here, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)) clarified that domestic flights from the capital’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport would continue to remain functional

(9.) A number of political parties, including the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), have directed their MPs to not come to Delhi to attend Parliament tomorrow.

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Breaking News

WHO dispatches wellbeing alert on WhatsApp over COVID-19 pandemic



WHO dispatches wellbeing alert on WhatsApp over COVID-19 pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) has made a wellbeing alert on WhatsApp to keep individuals mindful and refreshed about the coronavirus pandemic and battle falsehood.

Facebook originator Mark Zuckerberg reported the proceed onward his web-based life stage and said that they have cooperated with the WHO to get “definitive data” about coronavirus sent straightforwardly to one’s WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp, the world’s most broadly utilized informing administration, in possessed by Facebook.

As per Zuckerberg, “With WHO Health Alerts, you can get their everyday circumstance report, which has the most recent quantities of cases by nation around the globe, just as tips on the best way to secure yourself, and answers to as often as possible posed inquiries that you can without much of a stretch send to loved ones.”

Here’s the manner by which you can check WHO wellbeing alert in regards to CORONAVIRUS on WhatsApp

To get all data from WHO on WhatsApp, one needs to spare the number +41 79 893 1892 on their telephone contacts and just content ‘Hey’ to begin.

The informing administration takes into account just about 2 billion individuals and permits the WHO to give data straightforwardly to the individuals who are needing it.

WhatsApp, which had prior made a coronavirus data centre point, will currently have the connection to the WHO Health Alert also.

The WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub was propelled in association with the United Nations Development Program, the World Health Organization and UNICEF.

The coronavirus pandemic has spread to upwards of 185 nations around the globe has just influenced more than 2,50,000 individuals and killed more than 10,000.

In December 2019 coronavirus or covid 19 outbreak was first recorded in China. But now Europe is considered as the center of the pandemic.

In Italy – where the infection has killed a larger number of individuals than in some other nation – the loss of life rose by 627 on Friday, arriving at a sum of 4,032, making it the deadliest day for one nation since the episode started.

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