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Modi Biopic Controversy : Shabana Azmi Accuses Filmmakers Of Using Her Husband’s Name Intentionally !

In the last 3-4 days, a tweet by Mr Javed Akhtar about not writing any song from the movie which is the biopic of PM Narendra Modi and still getting the credit has created some controversies. His tweet has almost 29,000 likes and more than 9900 retweets. To this tweet, a right-wing politician Abhishek Mishra replied and asked if Mr Akhtar has any copyright of his name?

Almost after 5 hours of Javed Akhtar’s tweet, lyricist Sameer also tweeted that he is shocked by seeing his name on the credit posters. He said, ““Mujhe hairat hain apna naam PM Narendra Modi film mein dekh kar. Maine aisi kisi film mein koi gaana nahi likha hai”

Modi Biopic Filmmaker’s Explainantion

After landing into this controversy, Modi Biopic Producer Sandeep Ssingh responded to Javed Akhtar’s with a tweet. He said, “Javed sahab is a senior writer in our country. We have grown up listening to his songs. We have used one of his old songs ‘Ishwar Allah‘ from ‘1947: Earth‘ and gave him credit. I did not get any call from him and so I also did not call him. He spoke about it on Twitter, so even I replied there. But he could have called us.”

According to Sandeep, the songs used were ‘Ishwar Allah‘ from the film ‘1947: Earth’ is written by Javed Akhtar and ‘Suno Gaur Se Duniya Waalon‘ from ‘Dus‘ is written by Sameer.

After all this, Wife of Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi accused the makers of ‘PM Narendra Modi Biopic of purposely giving credit to her husband.

“It is quite clear this was done with deliberate intentions to mislead public into believing that Javed Akhtar has written the songs for ‘PM Narendra Modi‘ when the song ‘Ishwar allah tere jahan mein‘ is from Deepa Mehta’s film ‘1947 Earth‘,” said Ms Azmi on Twitter, in a reply to a tweet.

According to many stars, this is completely unknown. Nobody gives credit for the remake of the song. Some people like activist and senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan said that this credit as  “defamatory” and they suggested Mr Akhtar file a case for defamation.