Mighty blast in a ship standing off the coast of Beirut, 78 killed, over 40 injured; Cars jumped to 3rd floor, impact up to 10 km

The Lebanese capital, Beirut, had witnessed an explosion on Tuesday evening. A ship standing near the shore exploded, filled with firecrackers. The explosion was so severe that houses within a radius of 10 km were damaged. The cars jumped to three floors with the blast. Buildings collapsed in an instant.

The death toll in the Lebanese capital Beirut late Tuesday night rose to 78 on Wednesday morning. More than four thousand people are injured. The condition of many of them has been described as very serious. Meanwhile, the Lebanese Prime Minister has said that the shipment contained 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate. The explosion was like an earthquake. This can be gauged from the fact that the 240 kilometers felt threatened. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed grief over the incident on Wednesday morning via tweet.

Explosions damage homes up to 10 km

The Health Minister said that 73 people were killed in the attack while more than 3700 people were injured. Homes up to 10 km have been damaged in the blast. A resident of Beirut, who lives several kilometers from the scene, said, “The explosion was so strong that the windows of the house were broken.” I thought it was an earthquake. ”

Port had a large amount of ammonium nitrate: interior minister

The interior minister told local media about the incident that the port contained a large amount of ammonium nitrate. The Lebanese custom should have asked what the ammonium nitrate was doing at the port in such a large quantity? On the other hand, Lebanese broadcaster Mayaden quoted the Director of Customs as saying that about one ton of nitrate has exploded.

Many countries proceeded to help

Many countries have offered help after the blast in Lebanon. US Secretary of State Mike Pompey said that the United States is ready for all help. Saudi Arabia has also spoken of sending help to the Lebanese government.

Day of mourning declared

According to reports, Prime Minister Hassan Diab has declared a day of mourning on Wednesday. At the same time, President Michel Aun has called a meeting of the Defense Council immediately.

Health minister suspected of blasting ship with rocket strike or explosive

Earlier, the Lebanese health minister told the media that the sound of the blast has been heard throughout the country. The kind of explosion, we suspect of blasting the ship with rocket strike or explosive. This may have been done intentionally, or the reason maybe something else.

Tremors felt in Cyprus too

According to the European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC), the explosion on Tuesday was also felt in neighboring Cyprus, 240 kilometers from Lebanon. Cyprus Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides also tweeted – They are talking to assist the Lebanese government.

 A large number of people injured

Local news channel LBC quoted the Health Minister as saying that a large number of people were injured. Much damage has been done. Smoke spread to many parts of the city after the viral video exploded on social media. People living nearby said that the blast broke the windows and the roof of a house also fell.

What did Lebanon say

After the blast, the Defense Council met in Lebanon. The President also participated in it. Later the spokesperson said- how can it be accepted that 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was kept in a warehouse for 6 years and no one took any precautionary or safety measures. Emergency has been implemented in the country for two weeks.

Port chief responsible

The Lebanese Customs Department directly held the Port Chief responsible for the incident. Custom Head Badri Daher said – My department is not responsible for keeping ammonium nitrate. The explosion happened only because of the chemical. Port Chief Hassan Koretem is responsible for this incident. The Port Chief has not yet responded to this.

Modi expressed grief

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed grief over the blast in Beirut. In a tweet on Wednesday morning, Modi said- I am sad to hear the news of the blast in Beirut. Many people lost their lives and property was also damaged. Our condolences to those killed and injured in the blast.

Trump said- this is an attack

US President Donald Trump called the blast a terrible attack. Said- this is an extremely dangerous type of attack. We stand with the Lebanese government in these difficult times. Want to help them in the investigation.

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