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Malaika Arora On Her Church Wedding With Arjun Kapoor : ” This is All Media Made”



Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are the new lovebirds of the industry. We daily see at least one photo of them or hear news about them. They are frequently being spotted by media and paparazzi as they go on dinner dates often. Their fans love their chemistry, but they haven’t admitted their relationship yet.

The latest news about them is their church wedding. It was said that both of them are going to marry in the church. The news spread like fire. Recently Malaika is interviewed by Anupama Chopra of Film Companion. When asked about the church wedding news, Malaika said, “Oh God! No No. It’s all media made. Media is responsible for it.”

There is a rumour that Arjun and Malaika are in Live-in-relationship and they will get married in April 2019. According to reports, they have also bought a house to live in after their marriage.

Malaika recently opened up about her divorce on a chat show. She told that it was a difficult stage for her, but it was the need for her marriage.  She admitted that she does not regret her decision of taking the divorce. She said, “I guess everyone wants to move on and find love and companionship with people they can relate to. And if you do, I think you are just lucky. If you can do that, I think you are lucky to find that second chance at being happy. Everyone wants to be in love again, to be in a relationship. Nobody wants to be alone and single for the rest of their life. Irrespective of what everyone said around me, I am glad that I made this choice on my own.”

Arbaaz and Malaika were married for 19 years. After the divorce, both of them have moved on in their lives. Arbaaz Khan is now dating Italian model Georgia Andriani.

Arjun also said that he is seeing someone and ready for marriage. He admitted this on a chat show of Karan Johar. Though he didn’t reveal the name of his girlfriend, it is evident that it is no one other than Malaika.

We are surely expecting wedding bells from this couple soon.


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