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2019 Cricket World Cup

Latest From the ICC World Cup Ground: Who will Win the 2019 Battle?



Latest From the ICC World Cup Ground: Who will Win the 2019 Battle?

Where is this advancement taking us? Artificial Intelligence and the machines are getting combined driving vision of the fourth industrial revolution. Things are getting changed. From the voice assistance offered by Google we use to know live scores to the accurate decisions made by teams- everything is outcome of the powerful AI algorithms.

Currently, AI is transforming sports sector with its potential to avail valuable insights by crunching and analyzing data collected from the multiple sources. And the best part is AI mix intelligence in those data to provide us useful results. It has already marked its presence in the sports sector assisting teams, management, architects, and strategists to deliver their best in respected work.

Talking about the works, the predictions, player’s performance statistics, possibilities for the most expected outcomes, in-running betting decisions in soccer, training, planning and many more operations have become data-centric. They leverage the power of massive data sets such as player performance, home field advantage, ground related information, opponent’s moves, historical matches data, real-time data etc., for obtaining useful insights from it. These data sets are crunched and analyzed to give us the most accurate results.

Its real-world example can be seen through the Germany winning FIFA in FIFA14. The team management uses the SAP HANA and IBM ML model to process the millions of data gathered from the past and real-time sources. They used the obtained insights to make critical decisions and planning most accurate strategies to beat opponents.

Additionally, these advanced technologies are not only getting used in decision making, they are also used for providing the best experience to visitors,  sports promotions, betting decisions predictions, etc., like works.

When talking about the upcoming cricket world cup championship in 2019, various organizations are using AI models to predict the most favourable team for the tournament. After going through various sources I’ve reached at the result where a few teams seem to be crossing the hits. Here below, let’s explore the latest from the champions ground:

While talking about the batting average per wicket, we will figure out that India is making its clear visibility with 46.88 per wicket since past two years. Other giant like England is followed by South Africa marking powerful their presence over the point table. Talking about the Australia, the team seems to be struggling due to lack of their star players like Warner and Steven Smith.

Similarly, accounting bowling average and strike rates, Afghanistan stands tall among others with the bowling average of 24.03. The team has a strike rate of 33.5. South Africa, England, and Australia are facing the lack of spinners from the past few matches. India is following second on the table with bowling average of 30.11. They have a good strike rate of 35.1 on the table.

The Batting Index (BAI) which is calculated with batting average and batting strikes rate helps us to understand a teams’ batting performance from the past figures. India is again seems to be chasing this figure on the table beating others with its incredible performance followed by England. While having a look at the past England’s series against India, we found out that the India with 63-4 maintains its first position with a closer result.

Finally, when we talk about the winning metric, after crunching and analysing the massive data sets, it reveals that the New Zealand with 0.38 on winners metric have small chances of winning despite the fact that they lack bowlers. Again, the Pakistan’s winning over England in Champions Trophy creates doubt since they also have a good bowling line in past matches.

Thus, in conclusion India seems to be a perfect team chasing this year’s world cup with an average and good performance in all the steps from bowl to bat. Pakistan, England and South Africa are the top three contestants maintain their position in line for this world cup. Only time can say, who will wear this crown.