Justin Bieber’s videos almost deleted in You Tube

Hismatullin, a coder was doing his research on You Tube creator studiot, when he suddenly happened to detect a loop hole in the World’s No 1 video sharing website, Youtube..

This was his ultimate moment to play god in the world of internet as he knew exactly how to delete any video from the net without requiring a hacker’s skill.

Even though Hismatullin was madly tempted to delete Justin Bieber’s videos he somehow fought his urges and like a responsible researcher, reported about the flaw to Youtube.

Members of the company were utterly shocked when they learned about the flaw and were very thankful of for making them aware. Had this gone into the wrong hands then it would have ultimately created havoc in the internet and that too in a matter of minutes.

Youtube paid Hismatullin $5000 for his noble deed but he had kept his expectations high, somewhere around $20,000.

Hismatullin is a part of Google’s Vulnerability Research Grant, a platform where researchers are given the job to find any bug or flaw in their websites in exchange of monetary incentives.

Even the world’s No 1 social networking site facebook too fell victim to many flaws and bugs but then again these problems were detected before it caused any real threat and recovery was made within minutes.

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