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Google Maps bought in new feature to make your journey soothing

Google Maps is one of the major necessities of our lives. It helps us to navigate through the roads which we are unaware of. At times, when we deviate from our paths, our smartphones present us Google Maps to reach our destination. Realizing the need for Google Maps among the users, Google is now going to add a new feature in this app. This will also save precious time. With the help of this feature, the way to our destination will be easier. It is being told that an icon of a traffic signal on every intersection will soon be visible on Google Maps. This feature is currently being worked upon.

Traffic light icon appear Google Map

According to sources, the traffic light icon will appear on the user’s Google Map. This feature can be used to view traffic signals not only during navigation but also during the search. This app will let us know how long will it takes to travel on which routes.

This feature will make Google Map better than before

Before this feature, Google Maps used to give us information about the traffics and the hotels and restaurants around you, it will now show the traffic signals on the intersections. Currently, the experiment on this feature is going on and soon this feature will be rolled out. Google Maps will become better after the introduction of this feature.

Apple has introduced this feature last year

Apple has released this feature in its iOS 13 last year only. At the same time, Google will bring it now. However, this feature will be of great use to the users. Some screenshots of this feature have also been shared. It can be clearly seen that the traffic signals coming in the route bring used are visible on the map.

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