Facebook Messenger is Not Working – Users Around The Globe Are Unhappy

Facebook users around the globe are complaining that their Facebook Messenger is not opening properly. The users in Europe have been largely affected by this issue. Their messenger is simply not opening and the message they are getting simply says “something went wrong”.

Facebook has been facing some problems since yesterday as a major chunk of its users reported that they were unable to use their Facebook app. Today the problem started when the users started noticing that their messenger app is not loading at all and for many their conversations went missing.

The problem with Facebook is being detected worldwide but the major numbers are showing from Europe. This might be because of the difference in time zone and the fact that people in Europe are most active at the moment.

What is the Problem with Facebook Messenger?

The actual problem has not been detected yet, but it is being speculated that yesterday Facebook’s Android app was updated and that created some issues in both the app as well as the messenger. Experts believe that the chats and messages that are missing at the moment are not permanently gone and will be visible once the problem is sorted.

Yesterday’s Facebook outage and today’s messenger issues point fingers towards the increasing complexity of the world wide web and our social media networking habits. We have finally come to a time and age where being unable to login into a virtual world can bring down the real world to a halt and it is almost like a matter of life and death for many.

Facebook is one of the most used social media networks at the moment and at any minute there are millions of people logged into their accounts for various reasons. One day of outage means a lot to many, both personally and professionally. Add to this the fact that online service providing has become complicated too with the introduction of clouds and changing technologies. A single change in a code can lead to severe implications and can greatly affect user experiences which are very important.

So, it comes as no surprise that Facebook users are very unhappy and are using Twitter and other methods to vent out against Facebook. Everyone is waiting for the services to be restored with bated breath and we are hoping that the services will be restored soon.

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