Explore the 10 best animation colleges in India

Selecting a unique animation college is essential to determine your career for the future. The use of animation has gained popularity in the realm of technology. There is the increasing number of demands for the animation professionals as well. Well, for the successful career enrollment in the best animation colleges is important. There are several animation colleges in India. However, it is vital to find the best animation colleges for a better future. Below are the top 10 animation colleges in India. You can get the insight of the colleges and find the best for your successful career in the technology.

1 Arena Animation college can be found in Bangalore, Noida, Delhi and Mumbai

This excellent animation college was established in the year 1998. This offers several courses to the aspirants such as web design, animation, gaming, multimedia, broadcast and e-learning. The courses are affiliated with the university of Gandhi. The aspirants should check all the information before joining the Institute.

2 Maya Academy Cinematic (MAAC) in, Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Maharashtra

This College was established in the year 2001. The courses include undergraduate level programs in animation in 3D, web designing & graphics certificate, multimedia and certificate course in games, art etc. The courses offer 3D animation, graphic design, gaming design course to the candidates.

3 The Government of India established National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad

This College in the year 1961 relevantly. The courses include industrial and visual communication. This offers animation film design, video communication, interior design and furniture etc. The students could learn various animation courses with exclusive teaching materials.

4 Frameboxx Animation in Mumbai

This was set up in 2007 and it is the brain child of 10 years experienced production and visual effect technical experts. The courses include a diploma in 3D animation, photography course, web &print course, certificate animation course etc. The aspirants could learn the best animation and graphic in this college.

5 Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay, Mumbai

This College was instituted by the Indian Government in the year 1969. This is the part of IIT Institute of Technology (Mumbai). The courses offer MDes Programme in Animation, MDes Programme in Mobility and Vehicle Design, industrial design etc.

6 FX School, Mumbai

This college offers animation, visual effects, digital filmmaking, photography, digital painting and, which are together regarded as digital content creation. The classroom is well equipped and delivers top class training or teachings to the students. The college offers a stirring learning and advanced technology based learning skills to the students.

7 Picasso Animation College, in Ghaziabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chandigarh and Delhi

This college was founded in the year 2009. The efficient teachers provide an inspirational environment to the students. The courses are as follows-

  • Diploma STAR- Advanced Film Making
  • Bachelor in Event Management & PR with 3D Designing
  • BSc Degree in Animation & Film Making
  • Diploma in Event Management & PR (DEM) with 3D Designing
  • Diploma in Advance Game Design
  • Diploma in Animation & Film Making
  • Modular Courses

8 Toonz Academy, Kerala

This College was launched in the year 2002. The excellent campus and classrooms are highly equipped with technological facilities. The college offers short or long-term courses according to the student’s requirements or desire. The courses offer- visual effect, certificate course in graphics, animation film making, visual effects etc.

9 School of Animation and Visual Effects, Kolkata

The school of animation is the top animation college in India and was set up in 2008. The college works more with the theoretical parts with the students. The certificate courses offer- Adobe Photoshop, specialization in 3D architecture, print magic etc. Birla Institute of Technology, Noida, and Jaipur- It has a unique lab and provides 3D, 2D animation training to the students. The multimedia department is specialized with MAYA, FLASH, 3DS-MAX, Adobe Suite, COMBUSION, etc. The courses offer- BSC animation course. The students could get relevant animation courses in the college.


This is the institute that offers again the best animation in Bangalore – it possesses other branches too in other states. They offer services that are the best in the industry and delivers to the industry the best of the lot.  This schools possess course relevant o graphic designing – Animations, 2 D, 3D etc and make the student stand gloriously among the crowd of expert professionals. The placement service of them makes them unique player among all.


Above are the top 10 animation colleges in India, which are offering courses for the students, who are perusing the career in the technology fields. It is essential to enrol in the best animation college, for a successful endeavour. The students/aspirants would join the animation certificate course in the college. Anyone who would desire to reach the height of success in the animation field, these above top colleges is the best choice for them. Find the detail information about the animation colleges from the above article and get the best opportunity to enrol in the college.

The animation and 3D photography is the special courses that are available to boost the students to offer a genuine opportunity in the animation professional course. The animation courses are in demand in these current days. Grab the best opportunity in these colleges to become an animation professional. The current demands in animation field is high and by taking admission in any of the top animation college, the students can reach the height of success in their career.

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