Embrace the pain of seperate

Sometimes we are seperated from our loved ones and feel the pain of separation which doesn’t let us live peacefully. The separation may be an act of god or due to our own decision for a temporary period of time or permanently. But the pain of separation disturbs us mentally just the gravity is different in different situations. So, what one can do at that time.

First thing you have to do is


Let yourself feel the pain


When you are separated from the loved ones then you feel the pain. You miss them, you connect every memory you lived with them with things and you keep thinking about them and the more you think the more you feel the pain. Here when you ignore your feelings, then you will even miss them more and feel frustrated. So at that point of time, you just need to let yourself feel the pain and tell yourself that it’s okay to cry.


Go and sit alone


You can’t have a conversation when you are with people around you. You need a calm place to feel the pain and to tell yourself that whatever you are feeling is alright. It’s better if you sit outside the room, in a calm place with natural air.


Embrace the pain of separation


When you are feeling the pain, you feel like going to that person but know that you can’t. Even if you can go, it’s better to stay away. These situations are an opportunity to learn how to stay alone and manage your emotional wellbeing. When you are able to overcome this situation then soon you will realise that everything around you is beautiful and you become a powerful person. So, embrace your pain of separation.

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