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Dara O Briain Searches for his Birth Mother

Popular comedian Brain has finally revealed that he has been looking for his biological mother. He said in a winter night festival that he was adopted at a very early age. Although he was very happy with his supportive parents who adopted him, his interest in finding his birth mother sparked in his mind all of a sudden. Thus, he decided to find his mother finally.

Comedian Dara O Briain: Revealing about his Biological Mother

Briain was inspired by a film called Philomena in his obsession for finding his birth giver. Dara asked his mom about the thing that if she had wanted that, on the reply on which his mother said that the whole had been built on a shame, which was needed to be done at any cost. The stand-up comedian was being raised in a very sophisticated family. It was very pleasing and satisfying to with this type of family and parents. But while explaining his feeling, Briain said that it was always an open topic that my supportive family would love to discuss without any hesitation. But it had not come up that often, but one day all of a sudden, Brian decided that if he was adopted, he needed to find his biological mother. The film Philomena from which he took inspiration to find his birth mother, revolves around an Irishwoman, named Dame Judi Dench, and in the film, Philomena Lee, is set off for finding her son. She took the help of her journalist in the film. Briain started his research after watching this movie only. Briain added that maybe it was what her mother wanted to know how things turned out and maybe it was their duty to know each other and after that accept it and let it go. He was pleased as he was raised by such supportive parents, who never let him feel alone.

As per the report, he has met his biological mother as well as with many of his siblings. But due to pandemic, he is still unable to meet few of his remaining relatives, still. But he is hopeful and confident, that he would reach to them too.

Dara O Briain: His Early Life

Dara O Briain was born in 1972, February 4th. He is a famous Irish Comedian and has done numerous stand-up comedies, that the fan will forever cherish. He has been selected as a nominee for British Academy Television Award for Best Entertainment Performance, back in 2012. He has also starred in few movies and has been known as a writer in few TV comedy and documentary series. Earlier he was also a newspaper columnist, pieces were published in both national newspaper of Britain and Ireland. Dara has been adopted to a family which he describes as a stable home. He literally enjoyed his childhood there. He has done his schooling. In the year 2010, O Briain was selected as the greatest stand-up comedian on Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Stand-Up. 

Clip: Dara O Briain revealing about his biological mother


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